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How fruit flies wrong Dr Oz Organic Products

Dr. Mehmet Oz has caused a stir with its cover of Time magazine in December 2012 compared with conventional organic products.

In “Giving (frozen) peas a chance – and carrots too,” surprised many fans of organic foods , including me , saying organic food is no healthier than conventional frozen vegetables in supermarkets.

Oz said, ” nutritionally speaking, there is little difference between the premium farmer – market freezer case humble brick. “

Nutritionally , it was correct. But in terms of overall health , I was wrong . Why? Because education is not looked good.

Research on Organic Food

Dr. Oz has based its position on a study of Stanford University , who analyzed more than 200 research comparing the nutritional value of organic foods over conventionally grown , Stanford was concluded that organic foods are not healthy.

The problem with the Stanford study is defined as healthy ” has more nutrients . “

Yes , conventional and organic products classified in the same nutrients . But there is more to health than nutrients !

A study by Southern Methodist University found that fruit flies who ate organic foods are better in almost every measure of health researchers followed :
• live longer,
• lay more eggs ,
• improved resistance to stress and
• more energy.

The other problem with the Stanford research is that studies of obsolete pesticides are looked at.

Charles Benbrook , Ph.D. , A research professor at the University of Washington, also weighed in. Using government data on pesticide toxicity , Dr. Benbrook showed a 94% reduction in health risks organic food instead of conventional foods.

Organic simply less toxins – especially less pesticides, which are known to cause food allergies .

Organic foods are not genetically modified , which is a whole other can of worms that I will not , I discuss here , except to say : avoid GMOs at all costs!

And I’m going on a limb here and say there may be other qualities of energy to the food we eat that can not yet be measured by scientists. The closest we can get food that Mother Nature , our health will be.

An apple a day …

Buy organic products whenever possible . And I’m delighted to say that Meijer, my local supermarket chain here in the Midwestern United States, is very sensitive to the demands of the customers and make more and more organic products .

Even my favorite, Granny Smith apples are now available in organic production .

In fact, I stopped eating apples because I could not find any that were organic. Now I’m back eating apples . Rather than buy organic products, more will be available .

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