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How do you get diabetes?

What is diabetes?
There are two types of diabetes and is simply called type 1 and type 2. With type 1 diabetes, the main problem is the body’s inability to produce insulin – the hormone that converts blood sugar into energy essential. Without insulin, glucose builds up in your system does. Type 1 is also called insulin-dependent diabetes or juvenile. There is no known cure for this type.
With type 2 diabetes, your body can produce insulin, but only in insufficient quantities. And if not enough, your body is unable to utilize fully and effectively.
There are other things in life, such as pregnancy, which could make you suffer from diabetes.
The symptoms of diabetes
If you suspect that you have type 1 diabetes, there are several symptoms continue to confirm their suspicions.
Hunger. You eat enough, even more than you need, but still end up with hunger. This is because glucose from the food we eat is converted into energy. Therefore, the system still hungry even if you’ve had enough for an army.
The thirst and urination. high levels of blood glucose reduces the volume of liquid, therefore you will feel thirsty more often. And, of course, increased thirst, usually lead to increased frequency of urination.
Weight loss. Returning to the error in converting blood sugar into energy, muscle and fat will not be able to do a great job. The more they are deprived of energy, most will shrink. Not surprisingly for diabetics who suffer from insulin deficiency sudden rapid weight loss and excessive.
Fatigue. Naturally, lack of energy distributed in the system by the time you feel tired.
Blurred vision. Despite its appearance, blurred vision is one of the lesser known symptoms of diabetes. Reducing the levels of fluid in the blood will ultimately affect fluid levels in the rest of his body as his eyes. Diabetes can cause you to have more attention deficit due to reduced fluid levels.
The causes of diabetes
And now we come to the most important question: how is diabetes? Unfortunately, when we know what happens in our bodies to make us suffer from diabetes, no scientist has yet discovered the cause of the specific sequence of events occurs. No one knows why the immune system of a person suddenly destroy the cells responsible for hormone production and thus leads to increased glucose in the blood.
However, scientists have some theories about possible causes of type 1 diabetes. On the one hand, have identified genetic cause of diabetes. Family history and exposure to certain bacteria and viruses have also been cited as possible contributing factors.
Ask your doctor about diabetes
Even without determining the cause, the long list of symptoms will help you determine if you have type 1 diabetes. If your suspicions are confirmed, the next step is to validate consult your doctor. The type of test performed, you will be subject to rely on your doctor. In most cases, however, blood tests would be sufficient to verify his health.
If not treated properly and immediately, type 1 diabetes can lead to various complications in the short-term blood sugar is too high or low and long-term diabetic ketoacidosis, as neuropathy, renal disease, osteoporosis and other serious problems with the heart, eyes, feet, skin and mouth.
Treatments for diabetes
The essential fact that you have to understand about the treatment of diabetes is that it is a commitment that will last a lifetime for you and your family. Emotional support is vital for you to cope with their condition.
The components of treatment plans for diabetes will be determined by your doctor and your preference. Typically include dietary restrictions, the requirements of the exercise, lifestyle changes, and the use of drugs and therapies can.

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