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Home remedy for skin care

The Cure at home late to just about anything is gaining importance for obvious reasons. And home remedy for skin care to come to center stage is not surprising. People who do not want to try or who are tired of using chemical therapy for skin care are turning to home remedies. After all, your skin is the only organ in your body that shows the public especially if you forget your hairdresser for a while.

Well, let’s get to the point immediately. Keep your personal hygiene is of utmost importance in the regime of skin care. Bathing twice a day if you allow your routine. (Oh. .. I like swimming in a bath you need to submerge your body into the dirty water until you exit the bath. A shower is better). Use a mild soap to the bathroom without worrying about your perfume. (The perfumes are additional chemicals).

To wash the face, neck and shoulders, can make a skin cleanser. You will need the following herbs.

trees or leaves Bael (Aegle marmelos)

plum or Java plum or black leaves (Syzygium Cuminii)

or betel leaves

or sandalwood

or teeth

grated lemon or

O Tur Daal

Acacia Sinnata or

or turmeric

camphor or


1. Take about a kilogram of each of the Bael tree leaves, black plum leaves, betel leaves. Wash and boil twice the volume of water until a thick liquid.

2. Beat teeth (8-10), in fine powder, dried lemon peel in the sun (about 25), acacia sinnata, tur Daal (2 tbsp), turmeric (1 inch clove), and all filters.

3. Okay. But what will you do with sandalwood? Manually on a grinding stone to grind with a little water to make a paste of it.

4. Combine all these elements and add the cold liquid as before.

Presto! His own home by cleaning the skin is prepared to use any skin disease. The liquid can be stored in a cupboard, a vial or a bottle.

His brand of skin cleanser that you can get an odorless gas, radiant skin. You can literally pull the deodorant body through the window. Betel leaves and pods to help heal acne, while the leaves of plum and black bael keep itching, eczema away. Sandalwood and turmeric shine your body. Sandalwood and camphor will give a beautiful fragrance.

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