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HIV – Things you need to know

HIV is a methodical viral infection that exhausts the capacity of the individual to fight diseases and promotes the development of AIDS or acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, the last phase of the disease. People are constantly vulnerable to HIV as medical professionals take preventive measures against HIV to protect against the risk of contracting the virus. But because AIDS deaths have fallen enough and antiretroviral treatments for the disease have been found to be effective, most people infected with HIV. Recent data on AIDS can sleep a person in the belief that he / she is no longer at risk. This is why the medical society must stress that guard against HIV / AIDS remains a necessity. Because due to the complexity of the virus, relying too much on the current success of the management of infection can create a bigger problem in the future.

The main objective of HIV prevention focuses on keeping HIV infection in people of laurel. Emphasis should be placed on educating people infected transmit the disease to those who do not. If you have the virus, you should do your best to ensure that no longer suffer from the disease, also thanks to you. And early detection of possible HIV should be available at all times for awareness of the disease occurs immediately. Sex education and HIV in schools should be noted that promiscuity should not be practiced, the safety of sex should be done at any time, and protection of contraception should always be used.

The threat of contracting HIV through transfusions decreased significantly, also in serious implementation arrangements for the blood of antibodies and heat treatment of HIV benefactors blood products used in the treatment of hemophilia. People with HIV are also provided by the secondary deterrent HIV who do not fall victim to unsafe practices that may trigger the onset of AIDS. In addition, researchers are looking for ways to reduce the elements of the contagious infection treated with combination drug treatments. Yes, the world of medicine is doing a good job of HIV to exercise full power over the world, but the behavioral and social interventions should also be done if the infection is controlled better.

Pregnant women who do not know they have HIV can reduce the risk of transmitting the disease to their babies if probable Prenatal Tests, regular counseling and voluntary HIV testing. ART infected and must have access to the other. Practices to ensure HIV among pregnant women have been remarkably successful in reducing the risk of transmission to infants. Cesarean delivery is also beneficial for people that infection will not be inherited by the child.

Those who have a limitation for photos of heroin (and others) can also minimize the risk of HIV through participation in public programs that aim to educate people about safe use of syringes and others. After telling people about the importance of clean injecting equipment, a decrease in injecting drug paraphernalia was observed. In addition, tests that detect HIV and other STDs abound today in many STD clinics. Therefore, the problems that HIV can bring can be easily avoided by regular trips to the doctor.

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