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High Noon in America against viral pests

Two virulent virus are horrible quickly involves large swathes of territory in a move clamps negligible. Ebola, remote jungles of West Africa, and ISIS in the desert, are ruthless killing machines with a surprisingly high rate of destruction chaos and terror in their fields constantly expanding. Side swept token resistance, wear-border invasions of sovereign states and becomes increasingly stronger as they grow.

ISIS has around 20 groups pro-ISIS countries still invaded by them, one of which is Libya amid civil war. In addition, ISIS is generously funded by revenues from oil refineries caught and kidnapping. Ebola has mutated its expansion in remote villages and towns is now about to enter the cities with high density in countries with deplorable sanitary and medical conditions that give greater force. As ISIS, once under your control, there are few survivors to tell the story.

Like Ebola, ISIS is easily exportable. Virus adhere to the victim, the Ebola virus by “blood, sweat and tears” and the ISI by propaganda. In other words, the two work attacking and capturing the “hearts and minds” Converting to protect against these two viruses is not an option -. And death and viruses can easily be dismissed. because none of them has a well-defined infrastructure. There is no vaccine to protect against Ebola virus and only a pro-Sunni ISIS can protect yourself and your family ISIS.

All viruses have small beginnings that go unnoticed, undervalued and often overlooked. Isolates that grow in the dark, slowly gaining strength and multiply abundantly in the midst of chaos and confusion while masquerading as a savior to resolve the crisis.

Ebola is a virus isolate identified in the 1970s can be caused by eating meat from crushed bush species. ISIS was a small, relatively unknown radical group that proliferated between the outbreak of the factions and chaos in the region. Due to the “soft” Al Qaeda position on some issues, many Sunnis joined ISIS in particular senior officers in the Iraqi army who were administratively “crushed” Saddam Hussein and now seek revenge.

The strength of these viruses is the Ebola virus is apolitical (for obvious reasons) and ISIS fiercely anti-American deep pool of “talent” in the regional and international levels.

This is the 1930s redux will eventually collaborative resources in the world to celebrate first and then destroy these viruses, always with a high human and economic cost. The latest viruses require a huge global effort were Nazism and communism.

Unfortunately, the World Health Organization (WHO) is understaffed and underfunded. A recent budget cuts reduced its annual budget to about $ 4 billion, which is far less than the $ 6 billion budget for the Center for US for Disease Control. An estimated $ 600 million needed to fight Ebola.

The American government is tired of war and just try to reduce the military budget in a time when more funds are needed to lead a coalition to fight ISIS and other centers of world tension.

The formation of a coalition of difficulty is that often the sovereign state partners are weak and corrupt with limited resources that will be more of a burden. In other words, as always, when the United States will fight like Gary Cooper in High Noon as his supposed allies in the face of danger bail.

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