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High cholesterol and linking Alzheimer’s Disease

Recently completed studies of people over 40 years have shown that high cholesterol levels in midlife to increase your chances of getting Alzheimer’s disease as they age. Surprisingly, even a slight increase in total cholesterol makes the probability of having Alzheimer’s disease is higher. However, the good news is that cholesterol readings can be reduced quite easily.

If you have high cholesterol levels, which means that your cholesterol is over 240, or have high cholesterol limit, with readings between 200 and 239, you can take control of yourself. Often by the changes in the right lifestyle, you can reduce your cholesterol to a good number. This means eating better and avoiding foods that contribute to disease, eating more fish or taking fish oil supplements, and exercise regularly. By doing these things, you can reduce your risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease with age.

There are also a variety of drugs on the market to help lower high cholesterol. For those who are not helped by lifestyle changes alone or the number is too high, drugs to deal with this is the best route. These drugs, as with any medication, can cause a variety of side effects and should also pay attention to drug interactions when used.

Cholesterol is a substance that blocks the blood vessels. It is more than one cause of a disease in itself. It accumulates and obstructs the blood flow in vessels. This leads to heart block and heart disease. You can help your heart stay healthy by lowering cholesterol.

It is very important to control cholesterol regularly, especially if they have risk factors. Some people are genetically predisposed to high cholesterol levels. If you are familiar with it, you might want to be tested earlier and more frequently because of their risk may be high. Being overweight, having poor eating habits and lack of exercise will also put you at risk for high cholesterol and therefore Alzheimer’s disease. If this is you, I checked. This is a simple blood test that can make a big difference in your future. Keep your cholesterol under control not only help your brain with age, but also help your heart.

If you are at risk or have high cholesterol, it is important to get medical care and have regular annual reports, including monitoring of cholesterol. In order to do so without worrying about medical expenses, is a good option to have health insurance. Households more and more people are uninsured family, because companies are cutting health insurance to save money, but can be surprisingly affordable.

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