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Herbs for Diabetes – How AIDS herbs can help diabetes type II

The black toes. Pain is not fun. The diagnosis was gangrene. The prognosis was worse. He was supposed to inform the surgeon the day after hospitalization. The only question was how to cut.

My friend in this example had a good result. We prayed and was healed immediately – the day before surgery!

But what if …..? The American Diabetes Association says 71,000 nontraumatic lower-limb amputations were performed in people with diabetes in 2004. * As a graduate of Dr. John Christopher School of Natural Healing, I was ready for the “What if ….?”. Gangrene is a condition that sometimes occurs in diabetes. Whether because diabetes or other cause, which was successfully treated with herbs.

What if it had not been healed? What can we do? Conventional medicine does not seem to offer something. I was willing to offer an alternative. One case that comes to mind involves another poor person with a gangrenous foot. This time a hot decoction of marshmallow root contains lobelia was placed in a container deep enough to immerse the limb. It was restored for the next few hours until the person was comfortable enough bed rest. The industry began to take a healthy color and cured permanently. These two plants humble achieved what modern technology could not. However, the decay is only one of several conditions which are often difficult to diabetes. The other two include blindness and kidney failure.

Come to the point. Once the condition is diabetes treated with diet and lifestyle are all herbs to help? Yes! A good combination is the cedar berries, golden seal, uva ursi, cayenne, licorice root and mullein. (The cedar Juniperus monosperma Bay is. Monosperma The term refers to the fact that the bay was just a big rock.)

This mixture was used specifically to improve the function of the pancreas and had the result in people who are able to completely get away from the use of insulin in type II diabetes.

Why is not good to use insulin? Is not ‘t cure diabetes insulin? No. Not only is injected insulin does not cure, but they are not as desirable can happen when you use it. First, recognize that our own internal insulin production begins to be stopped due to a feedback mechanism in our bodies. What makes us increasingly dependent on injected insulin. Secondly, the use of insulin encourages people to eat, regardless of blood sugar. They think that insulin will take care of it.

What actually happens is that the extra blood sugar due to poor eating habits is converted to fat by the influence of insulin on metabolism. We’ve probably all heard that obesity can lead to heart attacks and other diseases.

Now let’s talk about the herb mixture (cedar berries, golden seal, Uva Ursi, pepper, licorice root, and mullein) above were used to reduce the use of insulin. They are not the cure.

Use with proper nutrition and healthy lifestyles to reduce and eliminate the use of injected insulin in Type II. They do not replace insulin, but rather to help the body heal so that we can produce our own insulin and used properly. Finally, we rely on nothing but our own metabolism to control blood sugar and avoid all those nasty diseases that so often go hand in hand with diabetes. Here is the warning: Do not unsubscribe from insulin without medical supervision. The idea is to show that the blood sugar is in a downtrend, so you should lower the insulin used until it finally stops completely. No responsible practitioner wishes to continue treatment after the healing has happened!

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