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Hepatitis A – a medical condition

This disease, hepatitis affects a person’s liver. Having hepatitis means that your liver is inflamed and swollen. The cause of hepatitis may be a microorganism or because your liver is damaged by other things, like alcohol.

There are five different types of hepatitis such as hepatitis A, B, C, D, E, which are the cause for hepatitis. This hepatitis develops in the liver of a person and cause much damage to this organ. Our immune system defends against hepatitis, but it takes a while to eliminate the infection in the liver.

To better understand hepatitis, you first need to know how you can get this disease. Well, before a person becomes ill, but has already been in contact with the hepatitis A virus, they shed in their feces. If somehow the hepatitis A virus enters the main water supply and is used to wash your body, food, etc., which is a victim of a possible hepatitis. This form of spread of hepatitis A is called fecal-oral transmission. This is the most common form of transmission of viral hepatitis.

People living in countries that are just developing are at greater risk of developing hepatitis, because the sewage system are not properly cleaned. Therefore, much of the water that these people use is contaminated with hepatitis virus, which spreads easily and causes hepatitis A. The hepatitis does not fire prematurely. It may take 30 days for symptoms of hepatitis to show. This time the hepatitis has no symptoms is called an incubation period. However, the majority of people infected with hepatitis not develop hepatitis. This is especially true in children. The elderly are most at risk of contracting hepatitis.

Some of the most common symptoms of hepatitis are fatigue, nausea, vomiting, a general loss of apatite. Another important symptom of hepatitis is a pain in the liver area, which is on the right side of the abdomen, below the ribs. A symptom of hepatitis striking is the change of color. Your skin will become yellow to orange and whites of the eyes may also turn yellow if you have hepatitis. In most people, the symptoms of hepatitis last about one month. After proper treatment, hepatitis A is not a problem for you.

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