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Hemorrhoids Cure: the facts behind this ailment

Our circulatory system is mainly composed of veins, arteries and capillaries. Usually our blood vessels are able to work wonderfully in the blood supply to the organs of our body. However, some of these blood vessels may occasionally swell. This is what happens when a person suffers from hemorrhoids. Almost everyone is annoyed at one time or another by hemorrhoids.

They are essentially blood vessels that have become swollen and distended beyond normal size. These usually appear swollen blood vessels in the anal canal. If hemorrhoids is not visible, it is called an internal hemorrhoid. If the hemorrhoid has developed near the anus, or grew beyond the place where the rectum was born, and then called an external hemorrhoid.

Some people may suffer two types of hemorrhoids; you can see the internal hemorrhoids and external hemorrhoids simultaneously. This condition is certainly not unusual, and people are hemorrhoids at least once in their lives. Hemorrhoids are usually caused by internal pressure which focuses on the pelvic area.

Apply pressure to the anal / rectal area can also cause hemorrhoids. Why the internal pressure will contribute to the development of hemorrhoids? Well, I think of it this way: the body tissues around the anus have a rich network of blood vessels. Additional blood vessels help the body while passing stools.

However, a lot of pressure can cause blood vessels to expand as much as hemorrhoids begin to form. Usually, blood vessels and tissues return to normal size after an individual relieves himself / herself.

However, if the internal pressure is continuously applied for a long period of time, blood vessels and tissues in the rectal area have difficulty returning to their size / original appearance.

If you are still straining during bowel movements, it is likely that the risk of developing hemorrhoids. Having diarrhea can also cause the tissue in your rectal area to swell, this occurs after repeated visits to the bathroom that cause tissues that help control the saddle to tire. In addition, constipation also increases the risk of developing hemorrhoids a person because people with constipation usually have to push hard every time they pass stool. Further internal pressure can cause hemorrhoids certainly after a long period of time.

Hemorrhoids can heal by themselves. Surgery may be necessary in severe cases of hemorrhoids, but this is not usually the case. The most common symptom that people experience hemorrhoids is blood in the stool. If you see (fresh) bright red blood after the relief that there is a possibility that blood bright red (fresh) is a hemorrhoid. You should consult your doctor so he / she can examine and confirm if you suffer from hemorrhoids.

The best remedy for hemorrhoids is actually changing lifestyle. Unless you have a strong genetic component that affects the blood vessels, their lifestyle and diet may be to blame. Here are some important tips on how you can prevent hemorrhoids:

1. Eat a balanced diet. The meat is good, but if you do not eat enough vegetables and fruits, your diet probably lack fiber. Not having adequate fiber can cause hemorrhoids, due to the fact that the digestive system will struggle to clean up after eating their meals quantities.

2. If you can not adjust your diet today, you should ask your doctor for a fiber supplement that you can take every day.

3. Exercise 2-3 times a week. All exercises are beneficial to the circulatory system and the digestive system.

4. Drink 8 glasses of water a day. Adequate hydration is the key to a better circulation of the matrix.

Richard Phelps has been helping people overcome their hemorrhoids for over ten years. In that time he won a huge amount of knowledge about the cures hemorrhoids and how to apply. As a former victim of hemorrhoids you know exactly what is happening with this condition, it is their goal to help people who want to cure your hemorrhoids naturally without creams, medications and surgery, so you would like to share my knowledge with you, for free.

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