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Heart Diseases – Prevention Tip Number 1 – Understanding cholesterol

Heart disease is the number one murderer in America. However, before the 20th century, diseases of the heart just heard. What made the difference? In this article, I share with you what I think is the No. 1 tip to prevent heart disease – is to understand cholesterol. Specifically, learning what is the role of cholesterol in the body, understand what your cholesterol level rises, and finally what you can do about it. When you learn these three things, you’d better understand why heart disease is a problem of the century 20/21, which can be avoided.

Cholesterol is a fatty substance in blood that is necessary for your body to function properly. It acts as a lubricant and a sealant when the artery walls become weak and soft. Healthy cholesterol levels is also an antioxidant that helps rid your body of free radicals. In the intestine, cholesterol is a friend, not an enemy. When cholesterol levels get low, foie gras used to produce its own cholesterol, so your blood has everything you need. In fact, there is a greater danger of having too little cholesterol that much. Healthy cholesterol levels, that is.

So what is cholesterol too high? A very important factor is the type of fat you eat. Your body can make healthy cholesterol healthy fats, but healthy fats can be unhealthy cholesterol. So what is a healthy fat?

Fat, as found in nature are generally “healthy.” Fats that have been affected, especially at high temperatures, are not healthy. Most vegetable oils are consumed today are heat treated. The heat causes the chemical bonds reactive in fat, and therefore change their molecular structure. When this type of reaction, free radicals are formed.

To ensure that eating the right kind of fat, there are two things to consider. The first is to ensure that the oils used are cold pressed. This works as long as you do not heat the oil yourself. Unsaturated fats and oils as a rule of decomposition when heated. So if you want to make a vinaigrette, for example, a cold-pressed oil would be perfect. If you need to heat the oil as if it were in the kitchen, you’d be better off buying a saturated oil such as coconut oil. Contrary to popular opinion, saturated oil is preferable to use in the kitchen, because the bonds in saturated oils are tight, and do not come so easily when exposed to high temperatures. In its chemical composition, saturated oils have a complete or total saturation of electrons. Their outer rings are satisfied, and therefore do not react as quickly.

Note that the kitchen gives you a double dose of bad fats. Most used frying oils are polyunsaturated heat treated, or hydrogenated oils, which were also treated not only with high temperatures, but high pressure and chemicals. Not only are the oils bad at first, but when combined with starch in the frying process, the additional heat which makes them even more radical.

These fats taken as a body does not produce cholesterol. In fact, free radicals are created that use of good cholesterol to counteract it. These altered fats are not the type of fat that the liver needs cholesterol to create more good. The result of the consumption of these fats is a modified blood sample was withdrawn good cholesterol, bad cholesterol.

What can you do about it? Stop feeding the fat from your body that ultimately kills him. Use cold pressed oils for your salad dressings and cooking oils saturated. Contrary to public opinion, saturated oils will not clog your arteries. Eskimos living in the blubber, and never had a problem with heart disease until they have been influenced to eat more “civilized” diet. As a notable physician, said, “overeating fats and oils as they are in their natural state, can not cause arterial disease.” Oil too hot, and treated, however, can and will.

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