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Healthy penis revitalization: What to do after prostate cancer

cancer prostate

Beside skin cancer, prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men, with more than 2 million Americans among prostate cancer survivors. Often men who have gone through the treatment for this common disease found that finding a healthy penis can be a challenge. In such cases, maintaining optimal penile treatment is particularly important. To help revitalize the penis after this health problem, men should be prepared to take action.

About the disease

The prostate is a gland only men have, and it lies between the rectum and the bladder. It is an important component in the manufacture of fluid in semen.

When the cancer develops in the prostate, it can cause discomfort and lead to serious problems; However, in some cases, it is very slow to grow and many men may have prostate cancer for years without being aware.

There are many symptoms that can be associated with this disease, including a weak flow of urine, frequent urination (especially at night), blood in the urine, erectile dysfunction and loss of bladder control.

Treatment depends on the stage of the disease, but in some cases may include surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, hormone therapy or vaccine therapy.

After treatment

Depending on the severity of the cancer and the treatment used, a man may experience significant problems after treatment, especially when it comes to surgery. Although advances in surgery have reduced the impact on sexual performance, many men still experience some degree of erectile dysfunction after many forms of treatment.

Most doctors recommend that men undergo some form of therapy to help regain use of a penis after prostate cancer. In some cases, it is necessary to induce erections in situations where there was no erectile loss, especially if this loss is expected to sustain over an extended period of time.

Induction may be necessary

The reason for induction is to keep the penis in shape so that you can “re-learn” how to become erect. “Using it or losing it” is especially true with the penis, and if the body is too long without erection, vessels and tissues become deoxygenated compared to when it is erect. This creates a vicious circle in which the tissue becomes less and less able to catch the blood needed to build and maintain an erection.

Typical therapy comes in one or more of three forms: oral, injection and vacuum.

Oral therapy involves taking an oral medication that helps promote erectile activity. Many doctors recommend this therapy before starting treatment for cancer and then continue for a month or more.

Injection therapy requires the injection of medications that help the blood vessels of the penis to grow.

Vacuum therapy is done through a penis pump, which creates a “vacuum” throughout the body that promotes blood flow and methods of capturing the limb.

For any type of treatment to restore function after treatment for prostate cancer, it helps if a man comes into the situation with a healthy penis to start. One way to do this is through the daily use of a quality penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man 1 Oil Man). Particularly important in this case is that the cream contains among its ingredients L-arginine. This enzyme helps to create nitric oxide, a substance that in turn is essential for the proper functioning of blood vessels and oxygenation of the tissue continues in the limb. It is also convenient to choose a cream that contains vitamin C. One of the most popular nutrients, vitamin C is known for its role in the production of collagen and firmness of the skin of the penis. A balanced cream like Man 1 Oil Man offers a lot of essential nutrients for penile health.

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