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Glucosamine and MSM Natural are effective for arthritis

Arthritis is a degenerative joint disease that causes the breakdown of cartilage in joints. Causes chronic joint pain, swelling and decreased mobility, and usually affects the hands, knees, hips, neck or back. Two historical research studies have recently been made that tested natural resources containing sulfur for osteoarthritis joint aid, which is the most common form of arthritis.

sulfur containing compounds such as glucosamine sulfate and MSM are very promising for people with problems of joint cartilage. It has been shown in studies to remedy arthritis and provide relief. Sulfur is particularly concentrated in the tissues and joints deficiencies, nails, skin, hair and connective sulfur can lead to symptoms of arthritis.

Connective tissue is tough, elastic cartilage covering the ends of bones in joints. When cartilage deteriorates, the bones may begin to grind together, causing pain and limited movement and flexibility. So far, anti-inflammatory drugs have been the most common treatment for arthritis symptoms, but can have significant side effects.

MSM is a sulfur element white, soluble in water found in nature and in foods such as milk, fresh fruit, vegetables, seafood and meat. food processing methods such as heating, washing and freezing deplete all MSM in food, making periodic replenishment beneficial.

In a study of MSM, professor at the School of Medicine of the University of Ronald Lawrence, M.D., Ph.D. California, followed 16 patients with degenerative arthritis – a form of joint disease. Patients taking MSM daily for six weeks have reported relief from arthritis pain with a 80 percent reduction in pain. Dr. Lawrence has also conducted studies showing that MSM increases hair growth and shine, and the thickness of the nail and length.

Glucosamine is allowed in some parts of Europe as a drug, but is widely available in the United Kingdom and the United States as a nutritional supplement. A study of arthritis was published in “The Lancet” that studied the long-term use of glucosamine sulfate as a treatment for natural arthritis.

The researcher Jean Yves Reginster of Belgium and his colleagues found that glucosamine sulfate not only improves the unpleasant symptoms of arthritis, but can protect and enjoy the true structure of the joints. Glucosamine and MSM Both are natural substances in the cartilage that can reduce with age.

In the study, 212 patients with knee osteoarthritis were randomized to 1,500 mg. glucosamine sulfate or placebo once a day for 3 years. The researchers measured the width of the joint space in the knee joint at baseline and again after 1 and 3 years.

Patients treated with placebo experienced a progressive narrowing of the joint space, while there was no joint space loss in patients glucosamine sulfate. Researchers noted joint pain relief and increased function after treatment with glucosamine.

MSM and glucosamine should be the first natural remedies we turn to if they have arthritis pain and pain.

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