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Five tips for finding your next hairdresser

Find your next hairdresser can be overwhelming. Try these five tips to find the right hairdresser for you and avoid a bad day.

Word of mouth recommendations

The best way to judge a new salon is by word of mouth opinions. Ask around or search the Internet for comments in the store before entering. Try to find pictures of previous customers to determine if the barber is used to create the look you hope to achieve.

They are a unisex store?

Although it may feel like a non-issue, barbers who treat men and women can not be specialized enough for what you want. If you can find a store in your area that meets your sex, try them before resorting to a unisex shop.

How clean is the online store?

Before going under the razor, check the cleanliness of the store is to your liking. Hairdressers should always be properly swept and Barbicide have available to sterilize their tools. If for some reason you feel uncomfortable with the cleaning, take this as a warning sign and move on.

Check Out How to shop is filled

A successful hairdresser will be a recalcitrant client, so if your new shop seems a bit empty, do research to explain why. Maybe they are new and looking to win new customers, or maybe they were having a lot of trouble in the past that took customers away. Decide beforehand whether you want to risk a store without experience, or if you prefer to wait for an appointment in a successful store.

Start with the basics

Before deciding to go for a new look, test your new haircut with only one dish. Pay attention to the attitude of the designer and observe if requested comments during filling, or if you feel you have not been consulted at all. Also, use this time to get a general sense of how to engage with your customers. Perhaps you prefer a meaningless experience, or maybe have a conversation during cutting or shaving. Anyway, your stylist to interact in a way that makes you feel comfortable? The simple fact of a filling is a low commitment way to determine the level of skill of your stylist and how you feel about the overall experience.

Once you find a good barber, keep them to save his life. The more comfortable you get with them, the more you can enjoy a seamless experience.

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