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Five advantages of a hot towel shave

There is a reason why the best salons in the city offer services hot towel shave for male clients. It is not only a relaxing experience resulting in smooth skin, but also has many health benefits. Here are five benefits of using this service once a week.

It opens pores

Barberos special cabinets holding towels heated to the desired temperature. When these elements are placed on the face of a man in front of a plate, the heat begins to open the pores after just a few minutes. Hairs also begin to soften, which is ideal to leave the razor and started shaving time.

It provides a more shaving

Once the hair is soft and the pores are open, they can begin to shave. It is best to move the razor still in the direction of the grain. It will be immediately apparent that one is able to get a shave with this method rather than slathering on a handful of cream and scrape. Then look in the mirror and see how it looks much healthier skin. You will also feel very soft to the touch.


In addition to trimming the mustache, shaving heated towel also it works as an exfoliant treatment. In fact, the blades removed up to four layers of dead skin cells at all times. This process is a weekly event is ideal because it allows healthy cells of the skin to breathe. The skin looks more radiant and attractive to everyone who walks by.

Eliminates ingrown hairs

Another advantage associated with this type of weekly cleaning is the removal of ingrown hairs. When you use your razor, also sometimes called a razor, you will find bloodstains appear. These are caused by the roots of ingrown hairs were removed. No need to worry, however, because once routine, bloodstains and bruises that were present during filling quickly dissipate.

It creates resistance to skin erosion

You may experience mild irritation, known in the scientific community as pseudofolliculitis barbae, the first time you try a hot towel shave. Not always be the case. The skin of the face of a man begins to develop resistance itches, burns and bruises that often appear after the first treatment.

If someone wants to try at home, but do not have a special heat chamber, a vegetable steamer works well. Always remember to remove the hot towels with a pair of pliers, once heated, and stir for a few seconds at a tolerable temperature not cause a burn on the skin do. Sure, they sell vapors that have been created for this purpose online. This is an excellent option for those who intend to continue this process in the coming years.

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