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Fewer trips during the holidays

Traveling can be very stressful for people with arthritis. In addition, sitting for long periods of time in confined spaces, such as a car, can really cause a lot of stiffness and muscle pain. This can lead to sleepless nights and fatigue. Therefore, it is much better for people with arthritis stay at or near home, if possible.
If you must travel, however, probably take a train or plane, the better. Try to avoid driving and sitting for hours in a car. No matter how comfortable your seat is, if you spend five to eight hours a day in a car, which aggravate your back muscles and hip. Its circulation will also be affected and feel very tired and full of pain. This will have a negative impact on your vacation.
If you must drive, however, here are some tips to ensure that you care about yourself and do not end up with much pain and perhaps insomnia when you reach your destination.
1. Plan to be in the car no more than four hours a day. So make sure you have enough time to reach your destination.
2. Do not spend more than an hour to an hour of driving. Then take a break and stretch your legs and back. Make sure your rest is long enough to have break and go for a walk.
3. Drive for one hour and fifty minutes to stop and have a coffee. Make sure you are out of the car and sitting for at least 20 minutes. Then drive again.
4. Drive for an hour. Then take a longer break. Make sure you are out of the car for at least 45 minutes to an hour and can stretch and take a walk.
5. Driving up to the last minute. Then it’s time to break the day. Make sure you stretch your back, take a longer walk and rest for the day. You can also take a long bath.
By taking these measures, which proactively Carve sitting around certain limits. This will help you feel better and reach your destination with less pain.
Also remember to take your time and enjoy the ride. Holidays are for your enjoyment. Make a decision at your own pace, take your time, and cultivate happiness and peace.

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