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Fasting diet plan

To detoxify your body and reverse the disease, there is no better method than fasting. According fasting diet, need fast due to increased pesticides, fungicides, toxins and antibiotics in food and water. The fasting diet suggests that you should see fasting as an improved state of repair, rejuvenation and more as a way to starve or deprive yourself of food healing. He claims that his body forgive all the work that needs to digest food when only fresh vegetable juice eating. You can use this extra energy for more important, such as repair and maintenance of tissues processes.

The program recommends that both engages juice fasts each year (spring and fall). You can expect to experience increased energy, less stress and a greater sense of smell. You can expect that if you eat fruits and vegetables strictly for five days and a daily enema to keep everything moving.

What makes it different fasting regimen?

The fasting diet rich in fruits and vegetables. In fact, fruits and vegetables are the only things you can eat. If you follow the fasting diet, you should be able to continue working and carry out regular (unless fainted from lack of food). Activities such as yoga, meditation, prayer, massage, hydrotherapy, affirmations and visualizations are important elements of this plan.

What is fasting diet?

The fasting diet is a short-term diet with three phases. Once you have completed all three phases, it is necessary to follow a diet that includes fresh, organic food, a variety of food and very limited amounts of processed and cooked foods. You should make strict attention to their individual response to food.

The three phases are:

Pre-Food Fast: This includes three days of high fiber, both raw and extra fiber. It will eliminate most sources of fat and protein. A typical day would start the day with a blush tonic for the liver / gallbladder liver (three tablespoons of olive oil, one or two cloves of garlic and lemon juice). You still flush with a teaspoon of vegetable fiber, a tablet of the intestine, and eight to ten ounces of water. You repeat this process before lunch and dinner. Breakfast is all fruit and lunch and dinner are all vegetables. Snacks include whole fruits, raw vegetables, raw sunflower seeds, or diluted juice. You should drink at least three liters of fluid a day.

The juice diet: For five days, you will consume three quarters of vegetable juice (a mixture of carrots, celery and beet juice) every day. You can add a little fruit juice but no citrus or tomato juice, to provide fuel and diversity in tastes. You must use an enema because you will not have enough food (and fiber) to relieve you of course. No topics: diet provides explicit instructions and pictures to ensure success.

The reintroduction of foods:

You want to ruin the good effects of a long successful, fast by the re-introduction of complex foods too quickly. You must gradually add foods back in this order: fruits and non-starchy vegetables, starchy vegetables like squash and yams, cereals and grains, vegetables and fats, and finally, nuts and seeds. Introduce new foods or suspect foods one at a time in small quantities to determine if you are sensitive to that particular food.

What are the expectations for weight loss?

The main purpose of fasting diet is to detoxify and purify the body, instead of causing weight loss. If you lose weight while fasting diet, and then return to a diet rich in processed and refined foods, then you probably regain weight.

He was promoted to exercise?

You must have to do with fasting diet. You must participate in fun and engaging activities that feel good and are good enough to keep a regular basis.

Are the recommended supplements?

Supplements are essential. Must add such as cold-pressed flax seed, sunflower, borage and since the average American diet has insufficient essential fatty acids. Also taking vitamin E and vitamins (vitamin B and vitamin C) water soluble. Drinking a smoothie with flaxseed oil, lecithin granules, protein powder, Nutrizyme, and beta-carotene five days a week for therapy three days a week for health maintenance.

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