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Exercising your back pain away!

The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, 80 percent of Americans experience back pain at some point in their lives.
Traditional treatment of low back pain is the basis of increasing strength to increase flexibility in tight muscles, provide better stabilization of the spine and exercises to correct muscle imbalances. The muscles surrounding the spine provide stability and support the spine. All the muscles between the hips and shoulders are included. These muscles are called the core muscles. Back pain can be caused by muscle imbalances of any of these muscles. If the back of the thighs are weaker than the front of the thighs, pulled unevenly across the front of the spine. This muscle imbalance can be caused by long periods of standing or sitting, strength training or improper operation, this lordotic curve or sway back of the spine can be painful.
There are better ways to integrate core strength training exercises in all the exercises you do, that traditional abdominal. One way is to use effective breathing. The “Pilates” style breathing technique can be added to any exercise of muscles. While performing a leg press, inhale during the elbow and exhale during the press. This deep breathing technique should be incorporated in endurance exercise or strength. You can use the diaphragm muscles, which help to provide cable support and extend the spine, breathing from your diaphragm instead of shallow breathing, upper chest.
The tummy tuck and a drawbridge and may help reduce back pain and strengthen core muscles. Abdominoplasty is a simple pelvic tilt abdominal drawing of the earth. Simply lay face down and squeeze the glutes to lengthen the spine. Reach the tailbone down towards the heels instead of pressing on the thighs. Perform 10-12 repetitions of each exercise, alternating until you finish 2-3 sets. For the bridge, simply place your feet on a bench or on the floor and pick up the pelvis, ribs should stay low to reduce irritation of spinal muscles. This will ease the strain on the back and the focus of the contraction of the hamstrings and glutes.
The side of the lumbar spine, stretch the hip flexors, and calf stretches can help relieve tension on the spine.
To stretch the hip flexors, put one foot forward at the knee bent at 90 degrees (the knee to the hip and knee to ankle), while the other leg is back on the ground with his foot pointing the ceiling. This section allows you to open the muscles of the back of the spine near the hips. Squeeze the glutes to deepen the stretch with each exhalation. You should feel a stretch in the back leg, front of the thighs and hamstrings in the leg before.
Leg side causes other than lumbar spine, knees bent while sitting or standing. Bring a hand towards the foot inside the thighs and the other behind his head.
The last section opens the Achilles tendon, the most attractive of the backbone of the body. Place an object on your foot and lean your weight forward. Maintain a fluid breath while holding all stretches for 10-30 seconds. You should feel a stretch behind the knees and shins.
In exercising the core muscles, you can continue working without having to sacrifice his back. Consult your doctor before starting any exercise program!

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