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Energy and vibrational medicine – medicine of tomorrow

Everything that exists is energy itself. A vibratory field refers to this dynamic interconnected system consisting of energy. The same system redirects this energy in its various forms. A vibratory field can exist in individual, group, or as a system or other systems. The system is arranged molecularly body is unique interlaced field of power system to form a single system.

This energy is coordinated and feeds on small power systems. These energy systems coordinate various functions in the physical body as cellular and hormonal functions. From these levels of direct health and energy and emerging diseases. These energy levels affect growth patterns in all directions, both negative and positive.

This is the aspect of the vibrational medicine source. This method works in the healing fact that strongly absorb vibrational energy in our bodies in most cases affect the field of vibration within our bodies.

Energy Medicine

Vibrational medicine involves the application of different frequencies and forms of energy in the healing process. This is a promising area in the field of medicine that aims to improve the lives of patients. It works by combining different healing modalities that have been known to be more powerful than even surgery or drugs. A vibratory medical concern is the use of different frequencies and forms of electromagnetic fields in healing.

The other concern with vibrational medicine is that you have to deal with different frequencies of energy. Energy medicine involves the use of various healing aspects, such as spiritual healing, therapeutic touch, homeopathic remedies, color therapy, photo therapy, sound therapy, among others. These aspects of healing are considered more life changing than any other form of healing.

Energy Medicine is the first form of healing that combines aspects of spiritual healing and science. This form of healing is not only human beings as whole physical body some flesh and blood, but the combination of body, mind and spirit. The vibrational healing medicine is correct problems that occur in these three levels.

Energy Medicine not only healing the physical body, but also works with the emotional and mental levels. In short, it affects all aspects of the human body by combining the healing of body, mind and emotional aspects of being human. This is a promising area that will touch all aspects of human beings.

Terms of vibrational medicine

Objectives vibrational medicine every aspect of a human being are physical, mental all the way to spiritual. In short, it is a holistic way of healing. For this reason, vibrational medicine combines different healing modalities currently used in the United States.


Studies have shown that light causes the body to accelerate the healing process. It is common knowledge that the sun is the ultimate source of light. The rates of prostate cancer are increasing not only in America but worldwide. In this sense, deficiency of vitamin D is now the main form or nutritional deficiency.

The sun is the source of vitamin D and this natural energy has been shown to reverse breast cancer and prostate cancer, and clinical depression. Also improves blood circulation, accelerated wound healing, improve bone density and a host of other health benefits.

Phototherapy using sunlight is applied to reverse the effects of certain diseases. The best time to enjoy the sun’s energy in the form of vitamin D is in the morning and evening.

Sound Therapy

It is another aspect of the vibrational medicine involving the use of sound waves to manipulate the energy fields in the body and tissues. This is a promising area in the field of medicine changing vibration disturbances occurring in the energy fields of fabrics. Part of sound therapy is exposure to music.

Color therapy

This involves the use of a selection of wavelengths of sunlight. This creates psychological, physiological and energetic reactions of the patient.


This involves the use of memory to store water in the patient’s healing properties of the selected substance for healing. This approach is the emotional aspect of a patient.

Spiritual healing

It’s all about the power of prayer, exploitation in order to change the patient’s health. The spiritual aspect of a patient is directed.

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