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Drug Free Life: Natural treatments for kidney disease

In fact, it is the misfortune of being diagnosed with kidney disease relentless. The patient is naturally concerned about their status, which caused the disease and the type of treatment available. Today, many people tend to opt for alternative therapies, especially to avoid a pharmaceutical treatment because they are concerned about the drugs approved by the FDA. There is a segment of the population that believes that drugs are increasingly ineffective in the treatment of many diseases and cause harmful side effects. Alternative treatments are also available for the treatment of many diseases of the kidney.

And the treatment procedure is determined by the cause of the disease. For example, PKD, polycystic kidneys or need a different treatment than it has been caused by prolonged consumption of excessive amounts of alcohol or other substances. The patients suffering from diabetes need to have a strict control of their blood sugar in the blood to ward off more kidney damage. In extreme cases, it may be necessary to remove a kidney. If and when the other kidney is not too much, can not be any other choice but to go to a kidney transplant. The last of kidney patients can undergo dialysis, where a machine to filter blood and send it to the body such as the kidneys used are no longer able to perform this vital function.

For many patients, apart from the above treatments, it is possible to use natural remedies. Here are a couple of useful alternative ways for the treatment of chronic kidney diseases. Some of them may seem implausible, but are supported by scientific research.

Lei Gong Teng 1: traditional Chinese doctors have used for a long time, but now the allopathic drug researchers realized its benefits in the treatment of polycystic kidney disease. Dr. Craig Crews of Yale could successfully eliminate mouse PKD cysts in his laboratory.

2. Apple cider vinegar: For generations, this has been successfully used to break up kidney stones. Surely if anything is known to dissolve the grains, it can be provided to divide the calculations produced by calcium in the kidneys. It also increases the production of urine, which helps flush the kidneys. Apple cider vinegar also has antibacterial properties that help cure or even prevent bacterial infections.

3. Baking soda: British researchers believe that baking soda (the chemical name sodium bicarbonate) helps slow the growth of chronic kidney disease. The explanation given is that baking soda neutralizes the characteristic acidity in the blood that contributes to kidney problems.

4. Corn silk: Web corn pads often are discarded, but may be useful in treating urinary tract infections and kidney. They also prevent stone formation and removal of edema, a branch of renal disease.

5. Dandelion: Although mostly seen as a weed, the ubiquitous plant played an important role in Native American medicine. The leaves and roots of this plant to the hull can be used to treat kidney disease. It is also known to have diuretic properties that help prevent disease.

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