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Dog breeds for children with allergies – Which is better?

Kids love dogs. It is a fact. But what if yours also has allergies to dogs and can not be near them? The good news is that it is probably an easy solution for him: Choosing a career of his son is not allergic. There are dozens of popular dog breeds and beautiful there. Some of them are hyper-allergic and is not good for people with allergies, and some means of hypo-allergenic which are generally safe for people with allergies.
So the simple solution is to find a race that the system of the body of her child may be in the order without causing health problems and allergies. Although each person is unique and different and depends on the body of his son and the type of allergy that breed will be best for him, but there are some general guidelines to help you get started.
In general, dogs with less hair are much better for allergy sufferers – especially children. Just because they are paid less than skins. dog breeds also have short hair and a thick single layer in the group are hypoallergenic, so safer for your children.
Here are some breed of dog usually proven to be safe for children with allergies …
Hair less dog breeds:
Xoloitzcuintle • (Mexican hairless)
• American Hairless Terrier
• Chinese Crested (hairless)

races of a single housing:
• Poodles
• Schnauzer
• Bichon Frise
• Terrier Soft Coated Wheat
• Portuguese Water Dog
• Coton de Tulear
• Kerry Blue Terrier
Although these breeds are generally safe for children with allergies, but if the level of your child’s allergy is very high, he / she may continue to feel uncomfortable with dogs.
You can find useful tips to help dog allergies your child and find useful solutions to help them be around these beautiful pets, while being healthy and enjoy your time. You can also check your child’s doctor and most likely has some useful tips to share as well.

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