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Does it matter what age? Set your vision of LASIK eye surgery

It is true that LASIK can eliminate the dependency of a person with glasses and contact lenses. You can correct a range of refractive errors such as nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. However, LASIK is not for everyone. There are certain conditions that prevent LASIK in the case of a patient. Age is a factor taken into account in determining whether a patient is a viable candidate for LASIK surgery or not.
It is a known fact that people experience a constant change in vision during adolescence and even into the mid-20s. That is, the refraction stabilizes typically at age 18. For people with myopia, the reference point is mid to late 20’s. LASIK before that age is nothing but a vain attempt to improve visual acuity, and yet the patient will need another surgery when the prescription stabilizes.
A preoperative examination performed before the age of 18 could lead to measurement errors and, therefore, an appropriate correction for LASIK. Patients with a higher degree of myopia or astigmatism should defer the query a bit more than others – usually up to age 21 or older. In essence, you need a stable prescription for at least two years, and only then you should plan to undergo LASIK surgery. If you want to go for custom LASIK, the minimum age is the same as for conventional LASIK.
There is no age limit for LASIK surgery. Even a year 50 or 60 old people can opt for LASIK surgery. The fact is that LASIK can very well correct the refractive error of a myopic patient at any stage of the life of the patient, provided that the patient’s eyes are healthy. That, LASIK provides a clear distance to any person, regardless of age. However, age-related deterioration in vision may occur. For example, almost everyone suffers from presbyopia (or short arm syndrome) beyond the age of 40 years. Presbyopia entails the loss of accommodation power of the lens. Therefore, people often need reading glasses after age 40.
If you find a LASIK surgeon that you are sure you can find more information about LASIK laser eye surgery.

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