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Diets and problems

What does the word diet? According to the Oxford dictionary word diet means the type of food that people eat. This can clearly be the case since, according to the boots of the company there are over 100 different types of plans, alkaline diet, the Zone diet. There is a vast majority of them, with their advantages and falls. However, these plans are successful? Largo are? Do we have to lose weight on them?

As we approach the holiday season and the New Year, people at this time are watching what foods you want to reduce or this new fad diet that would like to try are. But generally they will work in the long run?

According to Psychology Today, researchers have tried this method on different clients, customers who had other health issues, not just a diet and weight loss, but also reduces blood pressure and cholesterol. Customers do not need to lose weight but had a positive attitude about themselves. In this regard, plans can be a positive consciousness, or at the other end of the spectrum schemes can be seen as negative. For example, a study by Leicester City Council concluded that, due to poor diet, were not able to reach the healthy diet that is recommended by health professionals. A poor diet can mean a lack of essential vitamins and minerals. The lack of vitamins and minerals can cause a number of problems. Feel bad night eyestrain, dry skin, fatigue and soft bones. As for the popular diets out there every plan have problems if not followed correctly, or no research for convenience.

Dr Dukan Diet was created by Pierre Dukan in 2000. Its aims and objectives were:

To increase protein intake increased.

To have no limit calories or types of foods you can eat, so that people can eat anything and anytime.

However, there are some known issues with this plan, including:

The cost of buying foods at higher protein, ie meat, chicken, pork, nuts and seeds

The relevance for people with restrictive, such as vegetarian or gluten-free diets customers.

However, there are some positive aspects of this scheme, one of which is that it is rich in protein, which is important for the growth of new cells in the body, which can include hair, skin and nails. Another feature is that there is no limit to the amount of calories or types of foods you can eat. Finally, there is a limit on the amount of foods high in sugar, such as excess sugar can lead to weight gain.

Another example is the power of the cheater. It was created by Pablo Rivas. He said, basing meals in a Mediterranean-style diet during the week, cheat day weekend is strongly recommended. Rivas said that having cheat days there is no restriction on the food and drink that consumers like having to include foods that may not be the healthiest products. The diet is also supported by the promotion of exercise.

According to a study published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Robinson writer explained that there were other factors affecting diet and lifestyle. While the level of education had the strongest effect on the diet television, age, number of children living at home, the number of people who smoke and the number of hours spent watching, It is complete all factors that contribute to the amount of daily exercise.

From the study, it was concluded that the barriers identified problems with eating and lifestyle were to improve the quality of life not only based on weight loss alone. A study by Yardley et al demonstrated that the combination of web-based support and healthcare for weight control could be a profitable way to motivate obese patients to achieve significant weight loss. It is important to be aware that proper diets that are recommended by health professionals, including dietitians and nutritionists, are the Government of Clinical Excellence (NICE). It is an organization established to provide advice to improve health and welfare in the UK.

Overall diets can be successful, especially for the better. As vitamins, minerals and macronutrients no harm to poor diet, a diet can be positive in the long run with the support of qualified health professionals.

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