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Detoxification – A key to wellness and longevity

Maybe you’ve struggled to lose weight and can not get these books – or keep them. You lose a few pounds back, plus some others. Or maybe you are feeling lazy, constantly tired. Maybe you have frequent headaches, back pain, pain in other parts of your body. Your sleep may be disturbed or you can wake up in the morning, still tired. Your digestion may be out of control, and experience gas, bloating or constipation. Your immune system can not be equal, who frequently suffer from colds, flu, infections or sinus problems. Or perhaps, generally feels “off” despite all his efforts to lead a healthy life.
Mood. All these symptoms can be signs that something is wrong, reminders that your body needs help. Elimination of toxins can be a key factor to restore your body’s sense of wellbeing. Detoxification has been known to help many people achieve their health goals – even some that had eluded them for years. Whether it is weight loss, longevity, a level of wellness, or recovery from illness, the elimination of toxins can help your body restore the necessary balance.
The practice of detoxification is not a modern custom. Cultures throughout history have done internal cleansing through fasting, the use of herbs, foods, enemas, and colon and liver of various cleaning substances. But only in recent decades that detoxification has become more popular in the mainstream. Clean or detoxification (also known) is a convenient way to remove toxins from the body with specialized programs. It usually consists of herbs, fresh juices and food, cleaning and washing the colon with enemas or colon. A good detox program will eliminate toxins, drug residues, heavy metals, acids, parasites, fungi, yeasts and other pathogens.
Research shows that the average person is exposed to thousands of toxins and pollutants of the environment on a daily basis, more than ever before in history, and all that pollution affects our health. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reported that 87,000 new chemicals are produced each year. Without a regular detox program, it is almost impossible to keep the body in a state of health and balance.
Can you imagine what would happen to your car if you’ve never changed the oil or filters? His body, like your car, needs periodic cleaning.
The substances that are not broken down and excreted normally stored in the intestines, gallbladder, kidney, liver, lymph, fat cells and skin. Columbus, which is designed to remove solid waste, can be slow and construction of putrefaction. The liver can become congested and unable to filter blood properly. Reduces the hepatic metabolism of fat and fat-burning, one of its main functions, which leads to weight gain.
The kidneys can become overwhelmed in their attempt to excrete toxic urea loaded. Consequently, our systems can not function properly, the nutrients are not absorbed well, and poisons are reabsorbed into the blood.
The toxins are often stored in fat cells. They accumulate in tissues and other spaces between cells, and block the lymphatic system. If lymph nodes are not moving the waste from our body efficiently, you may feel sick. All this waste and toxic buildup over time affects our energy, mood, sleep, skin, mental clarity and immune function. You may feel sick, tired and depressed.
When we get rid of the accumulation of toxicity, which slow the aging process and promote wellness. Fall is the perfect time to detoxify your body. You can find programs to clean the colon, liver, gallbladder and kidney in books Cherie Calbom juices, fasting and detoxification for Life and the juice of the Lady Guide juices for health.

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