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Detox Foot Spa, based on the work

Royal Raymond Rife was perhaps the greatest medical scientist of the twentieth century, however, unfortunately, very few people have heard of him. He died of alcoholism in obscurity in 1971. Royal Rife was the inventor of the “dark field microscope,” and he did in the 1920’s. His “Universal Microscope”, magnified objects 60,000 times, and this became the first man in history to see a live virus. Ironically most of today’s scientists with powerful electron microscopes have shown dead bio-organisms, because the electric field of computer viruses are removed. Rife, a brilliant inventor was the “father of electronic medicine” that was used successfully to treat cancer patients in his clinic in San Diego in the suggested 1930s.He cancer is a virus and was able to facilitate healing to eliminate the virus with an electronic frequency generator.
Aqua Detox treatment is based on materials developed by Royal Raymond Rife in the golden age in 1930. However, it has been updated to reflect new technology, naturopath and homeopath Mary Staggs. Rife found, as we see today with increasing frequency, such as toxins from the body by the storm, and it seems that the number of these are increasing at an alarming rate. These poisons can not be effectively removed, as they build that cause an imbalance of electrolytes in the cells. This prevents the accumulation of nutrient absorption and efficient disposal of waste. Dr. F. Iran Batmanghelidj in his book: “A lot of screaming from your body with water,” says the problem is exacerbated because most people drink very little water so dehydration and toxicity are the cause. most profound failure and degenerative diseases that are prevalent today.
“The Aqua Detox” foot care spa requires feet to be placed in a solution of salt water which is an environment in which to produce an electrical charge. The legs are selected because they contain more than 2,000 pores. They are the end point of the lymphatic system and remember all the blood passes through the legs long enough. In more complex cases of “Aqua Detox” equipment, consisting of two spiral electrodes can also be introduced into a bath. The electrodes produce a charge that resonates throughout the body, which balances the cells, and at the same time, facilitates the release of toxins.

The treatment appears to rebalance the energy field of the body and improves oxygen and other nutrients to tissues. The customer is with a spring in your step, most often a feeling of wellbeing. GDV download or display gas “photograph shows a marked improvement in the energy field, which compares the client before and after shots. However, there is a warning. This type of treatment should not be used by persons wearing a pacemaker, if you are pregnant or epilepsy. However, the reports are very encouraging for everyone.

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