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Since the days of Florence Nightingale, the need for medical care has been recognized and has evolved. ICU is most often recognized in the emergency room or trauma center, but he is visibly present in other areas of the hospital as the recovery room and surgical intensive care and neo natal intensive care unit.
The first treatment center to meet the needs of premature infants was established in 1927 in Chicago, Sarah Morris Hospital and establish standards for postnatal care of these precious little in the medical industry. Today, this support has risen to levels totally unforeseen in 1927 to record even the most fragile of life.
During the Second World War, the need for intensive care for wounded soldiers and surgeries, resulting in theaters the first “shock” or what we now know as “transportation” emergency “and calling code blue while a couple of years later, the polio epidemic that swept through Europe and the United States has led to the manual ventilation of patients through a tube placed in the trachea. In the 1950 unit initially intensive care, intensive care units, has become mechanical ventilation from fantasy to reality, and the 1960 most hospitals in the United States had at least one intensive care unit.
Since 1986 there has been a certification of special competence in the four primary committees in intensive care: anesthesia, surgery, internal medicine and pediatrics. Just as there are specialists in each of these four sets of skills, there are specialists in the care of terminally ill patients in these four areas of specialization. Outrageous rescue techniques are common among these specialists, and nobody knows it can.

And today, you can add trauma specialists from the health care community. These are the people who deal specifically with injuries. Are emergency rooms around the world with the extraordinary people whose primary agenda is to save lives. You will find the ambulances and helicopters for the provision of first responders when seconds can mean the difference between life and death. And in the trauma centers at hospitals across the world. These angels of mercy who do everything they can to stabilize critically injured patients to convey to their peers who can give patients the level of care required to be healthy again.
So say a prayer or thanks to your heart every time you see flashing red lights of an ambulance or medical helicopter. We know that when they need intensive care, whether for a loved one or yourself, who are specially trained medical personnel nearby. We know that these people are chosen superhero today is not the stuff of comic books and the movie Saturday Night. Be thankful that these good Samaritans took the time to learn all they can to save lives. Is it any wonder that working long hours and difficult and emotional, often with little sleep, get up and do it again. Remember you can not save everyone, but you save may be someone close to you, and remember who feel this loss like everyone else. They chose a life that does not always come with happy times and successfully. Instead, he opted for a life that is hard, bloody, and often seems to be a thankless task drinking violence and murder and manslaughter or murder waste fills the pages of our newspapers and news bulletins.
Be thankful for these angels and be aware of their chosen path. It is not easy, but it is more likely to have a happy ending with them in it.

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