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Critical Care Insurance – Is it for you?

While eccentric Aflac duck has raised awareness among consumers about the supplementary insurance, many people are unclear what it is and if you have it. supplementary insurance, in short, is insurance that provides additional financial benefits to policyholders who traditionally fall outside the domain of a typical insurance policy. Aflac of “specified event protection of health” of the plan, such as packaged by other companies as “intensive care” plan is an insurance plan that pays benefits to policyholders, such as hospitalization and intensive care, organ transplantation main ambulance costs, suspension of premium services and transportation and lodging for compensation as required during treatment of serious illness if the health center is within a certain mile radius. the home of a policyholder, the insurance company will often pay a small fixed amount per mile of travel insurance for long-term treatment. the policy of each company varies it is important to ask questions and read the brochures thoroughly to see what services are actually covered by the plan you are considering.
Anyone who already has a health insurance policy has coverage for medical expenses related to an accident or a debilitating disease. However, health insurance, of course, does not include various expenses related to long-term care of a patient. So who needs a policy of intensive care? Let’s look closer to see if a policy of intensive care would be beneficial to you.
First, a policy of intensive care provides a layer of financial protection beyond the health insurance policy very similar to a balance of traditional savings account protects an individual account. If a person inadvertently overdrawing the account, the bank uses funds from your savings account to protect the purchasing power of consumers. Similarly, when the medical bills are mounting due to a serious medical condition, the insurance company releases funds directly to the consumer and not the hospital for the insured is free to pay medical bills and other input costs related to health . The insured can actually take the funds released under the supplementary insurance to help pay the mortgage or buy food at the hospital. In this way, bridges the gap insurance policy supplemental health between traditional and actual expenditures.
Second, unlike a health insurance policy a person conventional “intensive care” policy is guaranteed renewable every year. Therefore, once diagnosed with a disease like chronic renal failure at the time of the renewal of the policy, the insurance company guarantees the renewal of the policy of the person despite mounting medical bills.
To determine whether an insurance policy of intensive care is good for you, take a personal inventory. Is there a history of chronic health problems such as heart failure, stroke or cancer? (Note that some policies do not include cancer as a risk covered. Aflac, for example, sells a policy that offers different cancers that focus specifically on medical procedures related to cancer treatment.) A history of disease chronic is a good indicator that the intensive care insurance can be an excellent choice for you.
Now consider all of your personal finances. Do you have the discipline to save money each month to cover the long-term care due to serious illness? And you have sufficient income to prepare for such an event? The costs of a year of nursing home can range between $ 50,000 and above. A part-time help can cost up to $ 10,000 per year. It is a year’s salary for many individuals.
And finally, get at least three quotes before purchasing a policy. Compare policies to ensure that the premium you pay covers your medical and financial needs. Remember your age factor in the equation to determine if the monthly premiums will eventually be refunded to your advantage.

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