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Coffee Enema – How will you use for detoxification

The coffee enema has been used to cleanse and detoxify the bodies of thousands of years. Its use dates back to 4,000 years to the time of the Hindu Vedas, the oldest known medical textbook, and has since been used in almost all ancient cultures as a way to cleanse and purify the body. The ancient Greeks, Chinese, Roman and Sumerian describing any cleaning of the intestine with the enema.
Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine (400 BC) described the enema as a useful tool for colon cleansing. His writings have been used in many medical books and washing is a medical treatment for many health problems. In the 17th century, the enema was very popular, and most households enema maintains a team of hand. In fact, it was common that many people have three or four enemas a day.
Dr. Harvey Kellogg in the 1900’s became famous for his health in retirement that has helped thousands of people recover from all types of health conditions using mainly the diet, and enemas. It has been reported to have successfully treated over 40,000 people with their simple yet powerful therapies. In fact, he was quoted as saying he believed that over 90% of all diseases affecting humans have been associated with dysfunction of the colon and can be reversed through nutrition, exercise and regular use of enemas to cleanse the colon.
What a coffee enema and how it works
A coffee enema is a way of introducing the water containing coffee in the rectum. This is not the same effect as coffee drinking by mouth. The veins in the rectum are very close to the wall of tissue, where coffee is taken in the much easier of the veins and the concentration much higher than when taken orally. Then taken directly to the liver through the portal circulation.
When the coffee reaches the liver and its metabolites (theophylline and theobromine) has a dual effect: first, acts to stimulate liver detoxification enzymes, which causes an increase in blood detoxification, and second causes of bile ducts to open and release more bile. The liver is responsible for clearing the blood of most toxins and poisons it contains and whether the liver is unable to function well, an accumulation of toxins flood your body leading to illness and disease.
The coffee enema when used properly can cause a large pulse of the role of liver detoxification enzymes (glutathione and superoxide dismutase) which leads directly to cleanse the blood and a healthy body. Also as the coffee enema causes bile to produce a greater flow of bile in the biliary tract, liver toxic amounts can purge toxins important in bile rapidly detoxify the body large amounts of toxins. This can give quick relief through the body and can often lead to a feeling of comfort and relief, especially for someone who is heavily burdened by toxins and disease.
How can you make a coffee enema
To make a coffee enema enema you need the following equipment:
An enema bag with enema nozzle pure organic coffee (preferably green coffee), pure water by reverse osmosis or distillation, the lubricant (oil or petroleum jelly), a clean quiet place where you can be alone and undisturbed, and has a floor tile or wood (in case of leaks!), towel, tissue or toilet paper, a watch, and soothing music or a book.
After boiling the pure organic coffee for a few minutes in the oven at low heat for 5 minutes over low heat. Then let cool. You will need to add water by osmosis, distilled or reverse fresh coffee mixture to ensure it is in body temperature. Coffee filter to ensure there are no solid chunks of coffee in the mix, then pour into the enema bag with enema nozzle exit tightly closed. You will need to fill to 1 liter mark.
Place a towel on the floor on which to perform the procedure and have pillows ready to support the head.
Lie on your right side, then lubricate the end of the tube and wash your anal area with lubricant. Take a deep breath and inserted the tube into the rectum, no more than 3 inches.
After being inserted, you can then slowly open the clamp to allow the coffee mixture to flow into the rectum. But please, do it slowly, as if too much fluid is released too quickly can feel the spasms and will not be able to keep your coffee, if necessary.
As you enter the coffee mixture slowly is a good idea to stop and pause as you feel the pressure up and then gently massage the lower abdomen to the left to allow the coffee after the elbow on the colon here known as the sigmoid flexure.
After all, coffee has been inserted into your colon, you should try to keep the liquid for 12-15 minutes. This may not be possible for the first time you wash clothes, but with practice you can slowly build up to this. Keep the massage of your abdomen while waiting for the remaining period. You can roll over on his back after a few minutes of your hand and continue the massage.
Concentrate on your breathing as the desire to reveal the contents of his intestines start to overwhelm, and try to keep at least 12 minutes. After more than 15 minutes you can go to the bathroom and show your intestinal contents. In doing so, it is best to squat for his impression of the seat so your thighs are pressed against his abdomen. This confirms the colon and prevent prolapse or weaknesses in the wall of the colon that occurs (which can lead to diverticular disease and other problems.)
Included an organic coffee enema through my body detox raw, because I think this washing is one of the most effective ways to detoxify the liver, which acts to cleanse the blood of many toxins. This detoxification program effectively cleans the entire body while the body of toxins and chemicals and is the best way to purify your body. This is the most powerful medicine program to completely clean the body of all toxins (internal and external) that have accumulated in the tissues during the years that cause illness and disease and can lead to premature aging and degeneration.

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