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Coconut oil the next super

Coconut oil is worth so much attention ?

Coconut oil is the big fashion today ! It has become one of the latest super foods and is widely used for hair care , stress relief , weight loss , increased immunity power and to treat many more health problems. But is it worth so much attention? See !

What is so special about coconut ?

Before discussing the benefits , read on to learn more about their composition.

• Saturated fats : It is a rich source of saturated fat. Unlike saturated fats , saturated fats are very beneficial to health. In fact contain lauric acid, which has anti -bacterial and anti- viral anti- microbial properties.

• Medium chain fatty acids: It is composed of medium-chain fatty acids ( MCFA ), which are efficiently absorbed by the body. This fatty acid is superior to other fatty acids , as they are metabolized differently . Transported directly to the liver where it is used as energy. Moreover, the long chain fatty acids are converted into substances which are moving through the lymphatic system.

• Polyphenols : containing gallic acid , which is a phenolic acid . These polyphenols provide oil with coconut aroma and taste.

What are the benefits of coconut oil ?

The oil has many health benefits . It is completely natural, affordable and easy to get. Here are some of its uses:

• Weight Loss: AGCM have been associated with weight loss . Research on humans and animals have shown that consumption of oil is more beneficial for weight loss than olive oil . Indeed , the medium-chain fatty acids found in coconut increase the metabolic rate . Improves thyroid function and increases energy levels , which in turn work to reduce excess body fat .

• Skin Care : It is a wonderful moisturizer for all skin types , especially dry skin and aging. Acids present in the oil helps minimize the appearance of wrinkles fat . The oil also acts as a drug to treat using various skin blemishes such as dermatitis , psoriasis , eczema , and so on. Coconut oil is an ingredient of many expensive skin treatments . In addition to topical use , consumption provides a natural glow to the skin.

• Digestion: It has anti -bacterial properties that help destroy fungi and parasites that cause indigestion. It also helps to treat irritable bowel syndrome . The beneficial fatty acids in coconut oil help the rapid absorption of amino acids, minerals and vitamins that make you healthier.

• Brain Health : What else ? Researchers are trying to find a link between the power of memory and coconut oil . A recent study indicates that the medium chain triglycerides in the oil help to improve the health of the brain, which can be beneficial for the treatment of diseases such as Alzheimer ‘s disease and dementia.

You can find many reviews on the Internet by people who shared their experiences of using coconut oil for a strong immune system and a healthy body . It is one of the healthiest and most nutritious foods you can eat safely . No harm in trying some . Your body will thank you!

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