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Chronic Kidney Disease – Natural Remedies available

Kidney problems or kidney failure may occur due to certain factors. Here is a list of the most common:

– Take over the counter medicines or other requirements (for a longer period)
– Exposure to pesticides or other toxins
– As a result of other diseases or conditions

Symptoms and signs of kidney disease may include:

– Blood in the urine
– Vomiting
– Nausea
– Chronic back problems
– Dizziness
– Change the setting of normal urine,
– Persistent metallic taste

First steps

At first, doctors try to prescribe drugs that are supposed to reduce the level of phosphorus in the body. Moreover, the drugs that are intended to stimulate the production of red blood cells are also included. If the situation is severe, dialysis may be needed. However, if you want to try natural remedies for this problem, here are some suggestions.

1. Food. Eat foods that aims to support kidney health. Foods like bananas, cabbage, garlic, seeds, potatoes, vegetables, beans, watermelon, yogurt, beans, etc. can really make a difference.

2. Cranberry juice. Try to take at least 3 or more glasses of juice with no added sweeteners. Its effect is to improve the level of acid in urine and destroy bacteria that can aggravate the problem.

3. catnip tea enema. Sometimes, kidney stones are determined by impurities from the body. This type of tea will work hard to clean everything that is dirty.

4. Western herbal detoxification. Western herbs can detoxify the kidneys and can also be used as diuretics, increased levels of uric acid in the blood. This category of herbs that can include dandelion, silk, celery, buchu, corn, bearberry, juniper berries or red clover. However, a visit to the doctor before taking these herbs are recommended, especially if you are taking certain medicines to keep problems under control.

5. Ayurvedic herbs. They are extremely useful when problems are still at an early stage. The herbs in this category are useful and improve kidney function. Some of the most popular herbs are varun, Punarnava, kaasni, Tibulus or Gokshur terrestris. If you want to be sure you eat the kinds of herbs, talk with an Ayurvedic doctor who can give you more details.

Tips and tricks

Given the fact that there are many natural treatments for kidney disease, it is essential that you tell your doctors caught remedies. In this way, you will be informed on what to prescribe to better yourself in no time. Never take drugs to ear! Always consult a specialist!

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