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Can not meet your diet plan? That’s why?

diet plan

This article offers a possible reason why you may have difficulty meeting your nutritional plan.

Let’s start here: do you crave food? And specific cravings for sweet foods and other waste?

Next Give your cravings to eat certain foods you want, especially sugar?

If the answer is yes, it is possible that the way you handle cravings actually creates more cravings.

Not always the hormones

It is too easy to blame premenstrual hormone fluctuations, for example, but sugar consumption when you want, is a virtual guarantee that you will like even later in the day, morning or other times of the day, and Maybe for two days or more after having had.

No, this is not the case for everyone. Some people have a reaction you actually take it or leave it sweet foods.

However, food cravings are common. And it seems that “wisdom” is common that the way to deal with these cravings is to eat a little of what you want.

That it is absolutely necessary to question the wisdom of this perspective. Of course, eat what you want to temporarily eliminate a craving – after all, just eat what you wanted.

But the cravings come back – often stronger than before. It can prepare these future desires and almost guarantee that they are too strong to resist.

What needs to be done instead

It is true that this approach has self-discipline when you have a craving, but here goes.

For the relief of envy in the short term, this is a solution I have proposed before, but I can handle it.
To get to 1 teaspoon of liquid B complex when you feel similar. (Please first consult your doctor to see if this solution is right for you).
Make sure you use the B complex, instead of a single B vitamin.
Give the B complex a few minutes, really! – do his job.
Keep life without desire.

Plan No-B

Now let’s say your doctor told you not to use the B complex or you do not have one available when a craving hits. What is an alternative?

One way to do this is to have some high-fat food – even one that you might not consider as particularly healthy. Examples may include nuts (yes, they are well roasted and salted), cheese, guacamole and other high fat products.

Combining these fats with a small amount of starch (most people say “carbohydrates”) is a good choice. If you think this is not enough, add something hot and spicy. This is one reason why guacamole will work well.

In all cases, the combination will change the brain chemistry so that it resembles the neurochemistry that is created by consuming sugar – you just have to pass it around the addictive answer you may have to sugar.

This is a surprisingly good deal.

If I could do one thing for my clients (and my non-clients), I would communicate the craziness of eating what they want, especially if the food is addictive.

A vicious circle is characteristic of food addiction – and it is not at all the taste of sugar or a taste more control of the same.

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