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The skin is the largest organ of our body and absorbs everything you put into it. Lotion skin care, makeup, chemicals and toxins are absorbed through the skin in the same way no-show some care. Function is to protect the skin of our body, helps the immune system and provide a barrier against external aggressions. To fulfill its vital functions that we take care of our skin and provide the nutrients in the form of skin care.
Most skin care, beauty and personal care products contain harmful ingredients that can cause damage to skin, body and health. The food we eat is labeled and have a pretty good idea of what is in our diet. With a little research, it is very easy to make informed decisions and know when you shop. Read labels, stay away from trans fats and processed foods, eat fresh foods and vegetables and lean protein is a good step towards healthy eating.
With cosmetics, beauty and skin care that is not really different. However, the cosmetics and beauty industry is not regulated as the food industry. There are a lot of gray areas. For example, a bottle of natural shampoo may contain only 1% natural ingredients …! There are very few regulations in place as organic or natural labels on containers. So how do you find products skin care are healthy and well nourished skin, hair and body?
Here are five tips for purchase of skin care.
1 – If there is no list of ingredients on the label …. Do not buy the product
2 – If you cannot pronounce the ingredients ….. Do not buy the product
3 – Do not allow natural or organic labels fool …… Always read labels
4 – In the search for products skin care, look for whole, natural ingredients with minimal processing and preferably sell directly to consumers. Less travel time and storage reduces the amount of preservatives used in cosmetics. Total ingredients to ensure that healing and health are close to the natural state of the plants or herbs
5 – Buy in small quantities. Made with fresh, live care, skin truly natural products have a short shelf life. Keep your products for skin care in the refrigerator or follow the recommendations of the labels
You can find a list of harmful ingredients in the products of skin care by following the link at the bottom of this article. It will take you directly there.

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