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Back Pain: No longer just for adults

Adults are not the only ones who suffer from back pain. In fact, 60% of children experience back pain before they reach the age of 18. Many of these episodes of back pain are caused by a backpack overloaded or poorly designed and poor posture while working on a computer.
More than 6,000 children are treated in emergency rooms each year for injuries related to heavy backpacks loaded – and most are under 14 years. In addition, back injuries are up 256 percent since 1996.
Chronic pain can have long-term effects on children, their relationships, developing skills and school attendance. Therefore, parents and children are taking steps on how to relieve back pain and prevent future.
For example, many parents are investing in ergonomic backpack for their children, such as the shape or backpacks Obus AirPack available to relax your back. These backpacks ergonomic take a proactive approach to support health by redistributing the load which reduces back strain and shoulder caused by heavy loads of up to 80%
Another important cause of back pain in children is due to the long time sitting in front of a computer screen. Millions of children use computers every day at school and at home, for education and recreation, and often for 2-3 hours to one hour per day. Poor posture, on top of a poorly designed workstation, children are causing back pain similar to that makes your parents file workers comp claims.
“One of the ways parents can help prevent back pain in their children before you start is making sure your home office is as ergonomic as possible for themselves and their children,” said Marcy Swerdlow, owner of Relax The Back in Chicago, IL. “Ergonomic chairs with adjustable height and arm characteristics, so that parents and children to customize their homes to meet their needs and reduce shoulder, neck and back pressure.”
Others are turning to fun and innovative new products the attention of the seats, as the Swopper. This stool ergonomic chair inflatable removed from being static and gives a fluid movement and heavy duty for a healthy back. The patented mechanism is designed and manufactured in Germany to improve your posture, strengthen back muscles and improve circulation in the legs.
In addition, lumbar supports and seat cushions affordable fit the curves and angles of your body, can be an easy solution for workstation furniture poorly designed to reduce pressure and relieve back pain.
Some tips for good posture and the session:
“Sit in the chair and use a good backup, do not lean forward, increasing the pressure on the spine. Keep your feet flat on the floor or use a footrest.
-Keep your wrists as flat as possible, with elbows at 90 degrees or greater angle. Make sure the upper arm and elbow are as close to the body and as relaxed as possible using the mouse – to avoid too far
– Make sure the head on his shoulders and neck is as straight as possible
Change positions frequently to avoid fatigue. A simple walk around the room every 30 to 60 minutes involves both eyes and body.

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