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Back Pain – 5 worst exercises you should never do

Did you know that some of the worst exercises for back pain are more accurate than are usually recommended by health professionals?
Most low back pain have weak abdominal muscles and are forced to do exercises to strengthen abdominal muscles.
It has been my experience to avoid certain exercises at all costs. If you want to relieve back pain, then you need to know the 5 worst exercises for lower back.
# 1: Sit-ups “I’ve never had one of my clients do a traditional sit-ups. Abs are the absolute worst years. Now, most health professionals have fled to recommend this exercise, but there are always people who do. Abs have some major problems.
First, do the exercise with your hands behind your head can develop or worsen the stress on the spine (neck). Because back pain is more typical round, you can no longer initiate movements of the trunk by engaging the abdominals. So rather than pull on the head causing stress on the cervical spine.
Second, sit-ups involving the hip flexors abs. Your hip flexors are active in these movements when you bring your knee. For example, walking down a staircase in the hip flexors lift your leg so you can put your foot in the next step.
However, your hip flexors also be attached to each vertebra of your spine. When the overuse of these muscles, which generate a force that pulls the lumbar spine that causes stress on the lower back.
# 2: Crunches traditional burial have been used as a safe alternative to the abdominals. Technically, the use of abdominal crunches and stretching the spinal erectors that can help relieve low back pain.
But here are some interesting facts that cracks one of the 5 worst exercises for lower back:
• # 1 fact – especially toasted recruit the rectus abdominis, commonly called the “six pack” muscles. The functions of the abdomen to flex the spine to bend forward at the waist. ABS fail to engage the entire abdominal complex (internal obliques, external obliques and transverse abdominis). Its complex provides a strong abdominal and lower back stable.
• Fact # 2 – the more you perform crunches over time your body begins to develop lean forward or bent forward “hunch back” It’s really unfortunate because it puts too much stress on the bottom. back. It also weakens the muscles of the upper and middle back are very important to maintain good posture and protect the lower back.
• No. 3 – The most low back pain are considered overweight to some extent. Thus, the exercise focused on burning more calories and body fat is an important key to managing back pain. The less fat you carry around your abdomen at least lower back stress. Crunches are one of the least effective exercises to burn calories.
Now back Socorro
# 3 – Exercise of the leg-raising is probably the second worst year you can do to lower back pain for the same reason as abs. Leg raises have the potential to involve the hip flexors, even more than sit-ups for longer legs and weigh more.
# 4 – torso twists in the machine This exercise is to sit on a machine where you have a couple runs with a buffer in the chest and turn from side to side pulling the weight of the machine. Too many people load the machine with too much weight and / or make a wrong turn that could create shearing forces on the spine and disc injuries that protect the spine.
# 5 – Lower back extensions-This is the team where he sits with a pound of weight in the back. He leans forward, then be required to sit against the endurance runner. LBP does not necessarily mean that you have a lower back “and the need to strengthen it. At least not this way. This type of movement is abusing your lower back is one of the most common reasons why people develop pain back first.

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