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Avoiding these mistakes 6 Hair Care

Everyone needs to look good and hair is an element that attracts considerable attention. In an effort to give your hair the best care, sometimes ruin. Let’s take a look at some common mistakes to avoid when trying to hair care.

Toning down would be ideal

A typical mistake made by people is the excessive use of products simultaneously style. Use more items will not give you a look of superiority. For natural beauty that looks beautiful, just dry your hair and use a style element is best in your scalp.

Be careful with the heat level

Different types of hair may be exposed to different levels of heat. If your hair is fine, should not be under temperatures of 130 degrees Celsius and if it is thick, the temperature should not exceed 200 degrees Celsius. Turn over 200 degrees temperature decreases the quality of hair halfway. At this temperature, it loses its flowability. Stay away from this, items to use top notch style that let you change the temperature.

Brushing should

Sometimes people simply ignore the part brushing and attempt to fix the hair when wet, as they are in a race. This should be completely avoided. Never comb wet and dry with a hair dryer or drying normally expect.

avoid breaking

Intrigue can realize that the break occurs due to a less complex business, more honest. Thick hair brushing with a fine brush, vigorously brushing hair brushing wet hair or even cause breakage. Use design tools that are basic and powerful as wide tooth brushes. Maintain a decent diet rich in vitamin C, zinc, iron, biotin, folic acid protein and prevents brittleness and breakage.

drying secrets

Drying with a towel may feel good but is not as useful for your child. The towel-dried scalp and makes it porous and unprotected. A superior approach would be dry drying towel stained with high quality or use a hair dryer. Brushing in the right direction is vital. Back brushing is not good on the skin, which could cause damage.

excessive care

daily shampoo is totally unnecessary. To give your hair a good look, simply wash with cold / warm water and then air dry. You will achieve better results by washing the hair with mineral water because hard water generally dry cause.

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