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Avian flu can kill you and your family

We have heard a lot about pandemic bird flu coming to be here soon. The Chinese are desperately seeking a cure. He jumped from birds to pigs and can be transferred to the human respiratory system and kill humans as it jumps species and changes that viruses often do. Bird flu is real, no one has invented to scare. It has been and will continue killing people, maybe even you and your entire family. I just read a horrible book, not horrible, in the sense of poorly written, but horrible on the information I’d rather not know. I recommend this book to you if you care about your family;

“Level 4, CDC published hunters-update virus” Joseph B. McCormick, MD. Susan Fisher-Hoch and MD.

In this book, he talks about some of the disasters of hygiene in Africa that are causing the spread of unnecessary illness. The man is really necessary to find vaccines for diseases of foreign origin? Or should be a little smarter in the use of needles in medical centers that do not propagate to give them vaccines and treatments? Should we allow miners to sleep with 20 people in a room in a change, all these people go to work and another 20 in the fourth quarter to go and sleep where they were. If the common people sleep with their livestock? If sewage systems be a hole in the house with a shallow channel that runs through the middle of the street leading down the hill to a wider river channel for the removal of the house when the temperature is 120 degrees I need regular. It’s no problem? With these and many other things are explained in the book shown.

So many people with so few resources that make no sense. Give vaccines and medicines for people and then using the same needle without cleaning 100-1000 people is suicide, you go for a cold plug and leave with AIDS or hepatitis C. Of course I do not kill -Ci now, take seven years with AIDS and 20 with each other, but I guess you get sick again, go back and use a needle on which at the beginning of the day and 100 other people use the same needle. Are we to not run at the same time? And a more advanced form of mutated or even AIDS?

I have problems with all this, what is needed is a clean life, revitalize infrastructure, enhancing vitamins, limiting the birth rate and the elimination of religious norms and other rehabilitation will continue to play into oblivion until we have to quarantine the continent and everybody dies. Otherwise, put everything into our country and they are also not perfect here, diseases, although they may have a hard time, can seep into our people too. We are not smart about these things. We pay doctors to give shots, you go to the clinic and you’re expecting a plan to solve your problems, give you a shot at your problem, but the needle is AIDS, are we really help someone. Ebola would, of course, kill quickly, but AIDS takes two years to develop. Scary book.

We limit the growth of the population that seems to have no reason other than religious connotations of the value of a man. Anyway, how many people, volunteers and mercenaries, and many billions of dollars spent caring so destructive? How can so many people who hear unknowingly killing everyone? Whose side are they? We need real world solutions is not a lot of doctors have the last word, literally. They kill the spread of the disease in the world and those who come to the United States, the virus will adapt to the medication and then come to the United States, everyone could die, he had no money to pay for super inoculation may be necessary then. And surely have side effects, make something else, is not a linear game. Read the book if you have something to say about foreign aid and the real solutions and then think about it.

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