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Autistic Adults Wave coming and Asperger syndrome

Latent brain of an autistic child has potential beyond their reach. However, gentle stretching can open a whole new world. I was struck by the fear of mental abilities that the world is slipping away. We can learn a lot from them.

Mental and motor skills of young people with autism, Asperger syndrome and other mental health problems through the mind of the spectrum. Autistic people can have a normal IQ, while above social skills also have a wide range. The objectives of family, carers and friends should be to inspire and give hope and life to the soul of the child. Enter to good music. Latent brain may be that of a scholar or a prodigy.

Through the years, I have observed and pondered the minds of scientists and the wonders that show that the brain is capable of achieving. Let me introduce you to five scholars.

Kim Peek, the real Rain Man, Dustin Hoffman and inspired his film crew. He read books 8-10 a day with almost perfect recall. He knew that the historical events and the world, baseball, NASA, the Bible and more. I could cite a verse and say that this verse were found. Give a date and tell you what day of the week it fell. He knew every zip code in every city in America and directories stored for fun. Kim died in 2009.

Leslie Lemke was the first scientist I’ve seen since his youth. The Miracle May was adopted by Mary and Joseph Lemke, who gave birth to their latent brain. Others have called the baby a desperate mass of flesh. Blind and deaf, had to be helped at all stages of life. Then one night, started playing beautiful music on the piano and later entered the fabulous vocal imitation of a singer, he has chosen. It still happens in a public concert in 2012 at the age of 60.

Daniel Tammet can learn a new language in a week and do “impossible” math in his head. Stephen Wiltshire helicopter flies over a city and later makes a detailed drawing of the view of the skyline with remarkable precision of memory. Alonzo Clemons sculpture as horses and cattle. It quickly becomes malleable like clay in his hands animals.

These five scholars are exceptions, but soon a wave of autistic adults will be exposed to a world they can not meet their needs. The adult with autism do not have parents who can provide vital support. Studies show that most adults with autism still live at home and about a third of them have never had a job or attend school.

This wave of autism affects U.S. 40 years ago. The truth is that many people with autism are more intelligent than average. Its brightness is blocked by expression skills leaving the autistic and observers admitted frustration. Thirty years ago, the CDC estimates that two autistic children to 1,000 children still. Now they say that autism has risen to 1 in every 88 children. Without identifying the cause, it is recognized that it may be an environmental factor.

Autistic children can expect to live as long as normal people. However, there is nothing normal about autism as each is unique. It is expected that many of them live to be 80 or 90 years. The most difficult moment in the life of an autistic adult from 20 to 25 years.

At an international conference on autism, I sat at the feet of the “experts” in the art that fundamentally disagree with each other. I do not pretend to be an expert on autism, but I know bad sugars seem to aggravate the negative and smart Sugars appear to have a positive benefit in improving mental health. The proof is that the toxins that have contributed to mental retardation, can begin to be withdrawn by the polysaccharides.

Your task in this lesson is available online in the form of short videos of five scientists will never forget. The short videos can be found online at the Medical Research Foundation comes.

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