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Anxiety disorders in women

Traditionally it is believed that men are more limited due to the different responsibilities they face, including being the breadwinner. However, in recent times, this perception has changed, that women are considered to lead a stressful life. It is because of the appreciation that people now consider the constraints that women are subject to the following responsibilities, including maintaining a job, caring for children, and maintain a household. In addition to the list of responsibilities facing women, there is other evidence showing that stressful life that lead to women. One is the impact of anxiety disorders in women due to stress, which is twice the incidence of anxiety disorders in men.
Anxiety disorders suffered by women
There are six categories of anxiety disorders in women, including specific phobias, social phobias, disorders of trees Disorder (PTSD), obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), panic disorder and generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). Women who suffer from specific phobias are often uncontrollable reactions to objects or situations such as spiders or heights. If left untreated, the phobias can lead a person to avoid everyday activities or situations that can be debilitating.
On the other hand, women who suffer from social anxiety and phobias are caused by an extreme fear of being judged by others, which can lead to avoidance behavior. With regard to cases of PTSD, anxiety of women who suffer is the result of being reminded of a traumatic experience that caused them much anxiety. Unfortunately, this “recovery” can have debilitating effects as well.

Women who suffer from this disorder have a general behavior that make them perform rituals or routines repeated involuntarily. An example of this is when a woman locked its doors several times to ensure that crashes because of the fear that leaving open carry a robbery. With respect to TAG, women who suffer often have a preoccupation with something for months at a time, while for panic disorders, women who have suffered severe panic attacks for no apparent reason.
Contrary to popular belief, women experience more stress than men. Proof of this is the high incidence of anxiety disorders in women. However, as with any disease, early detection increases the chances of effective treatment, and the same for anxiety disorders.

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