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Allergies to children

Children and dogs can be good partners, but what if your child itches and sneezes every time he comes in contact with a dog? You can still own a dog, despite her son’s allergy, but you just have to be more selective about which races to choose from.
The cause of childhood allergy is usually the dog’s saliva, hair or dander. The scales are scales and skin spots that constantly shed skin of a dog. Symptoms of dog allergies are red and itchy eyes, nasal congestion nose, sneezing and wheezing.
Fortunately, a number of “hypoallergenic” breeds of dogs (also called low allergy dogs or dog allergies anti-) available for your child can enjoy the company of a dog without any additional health problems.
Allergy race options include:
Hairless Breeds
Mexico and the Chinese crested dog is rare bald look and they have very little hair, if necessary, can be good companions for children with allergies. However, there are 100% without allergy, and that shed dander, which can cause an allergic reaction in children.
Maltese dogs are adorable, sweet little love babies, children and cats, even. This attitude is part of leaving their natural courage. They put very little, but soft and silky coat requires regular grooming to prevent matting. Please note that a variety of toys may be too fragile for children to choose more than seven pounds Maltese.

Surprisingly, the breed of dog famous for its abundant hair allergy is actually low. The toy poodle may be best known, but poodles come in many sizes, ranging from toys (under 11 inches) to standards (over 15 inches). Curious dogs, stunts are very intelligent and make great friends. They need a lot of interactive games and obedience classes or to always get into trouble. They do not like to argue, but if children have to learn to play gently with them, and they need regular cutting and preparation.
If you are looking for a large dog with an unusual sight, the Hungarian Puli might be for you. Very smart, agile and protective, these dogs are ideal as watchdogs and companions for active children. Remember they were bred as working dogs, so they need obedience training and lots of daily exercise to prevent boredom and problems of behavior. Moreover, despite their low allergy coat, which requires great care.
If an allergy specialist diagnosed that you or your child has a dog allergy, this does not mean you should abandon your pet. You can discuss the possibility of allergy shots or medications with your doctor, but there are ways to reduce allergens in your dog and your home so you can continue living happily with your dog. There are medications such as antihistamines that can treat your child’s allergies to dogs. If the allergy is severe, you can do desensitization injections may cause your child to react to the allergen.
A little extra work can also reduce symptoms of dog allergy. Vacuum furniture and every day to collect dander using a machine with a HEPA (high efficiency particulate arrest) of the filter. Regularly clean the walls with water to further reduce exposure to allergens and dust. Use washable curtains or blinds, furniture covered in cotton and reduce the number of carpets, upholstery, and curtains of the house. Choose wood or tile wall carpets Rathe.
Wash your dog regularly to ensure that waste does not accumulate hair. Preparing your dog according to the needs of the race. Note, however, that excessive bathing can dry the skin, leading to increasing scales of allergic reactions such as washing necessary.
Look for the symptoms of dermatitis in your dog, which often leads to accelerated skin and molt molt. Always wash hands after handling your dog and not touching your eyes or other areas of the face before washing hands.
For most children, allergy problems should not mean a childhood without pets. Choose a low allergy dog ??like a Maltese poodle or one of many other breeds of dogs and children against allergies can have a love puppy playmate without runny nose or watery.

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