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Alcoholic liver disease and alcoholic hepatitis

When the liver is damaged and the cause is related to alcohol, this condition is called “alcoholic liver disease” or “alcoholic hepatitis.” This condition should not be confused, however, cirrhotic liver cirrhosis is a specific condition that is caused primarily by alcohol, but can also occur due to other medical conditions or liver disease.

Alcoholic hepatitis is usually used to describe a variety of symptoms or more conditions that occur during the early stages of alcoholic liver disease and damage that occurs in the liver potentially be reversed when a person stops using alcohol. When a person has reached the stage of alcoholic liver disease, usually the liver was extensively damaged.

Signs and symptoms of alcoholic liver disease

The liver is responsible for more than five hundred functions, most of which are essential for the human body to sustain life. In the early stages of alcoholic liver disease a person may be asymptomatic – meaning you will not have noticeable symptoms – until the disease has progressed “nonalcoholic fatty liver disease” hepatitis or the last stages of alcoholic liver disease is “cirrhosis “. These symptoms may include:

• have pain or tenderness in the abdominal area.
• chronic fatigue.
• Dry mouth or excessive thirst.
• Unexplained weight loss.
• You have nausea or loss of appetite.
• jaundice (yellowing of the eyes or skin).
• Fever.
• mental confusion.

The stages of alcoholic liver disease

“Fatty liver disease” occurs in the early stages of alcoholic liver disease and may develop even when alcohol for a period of days only due to the fact that alcohol causes fatty acid accumulation in the liver.

At this stage of alcoholic liver disease, usually no symptoms are noticed and this condition can be reversed when alcohol was detained for a period of about two weeks.

When the disease has progressed to the second stage – hepatitis liver – liver tissue were scorched with extensive alcohol use, however, this condition can also occur after a person has engaged in a form of “drunkenness”. Although this is a more severe form of liver damage, can also potentially be reversed when alcohol was stopped for a period of months or it may take a few years.

When an individual has developed cirrhosis is the final stage of alcoholic liver disease and can be a life threatening condition. Liver cirrhosis is a condition in which the liver has developed scar tissue due to the long period of time that inflammation was produced from alcohol.

This scar is irreversible and leads to impairment of liver function with the severity depending upon the amount of healing damaged liver. In severe cases, this condition can lead to liver failure.

Although this condition is irreversible, the more damage can be avoided if the person immediately ceases alcohol. Alcoholism is a disease and the leading cause of cirrhosis of the liver; Therefore, if you have a problem with alcohol abuse, it is essential to seek professional help for their addiction.

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