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Advice cute designs and easy Nail Art

Nail art is a popular beauty procedure used to enhance the look and appeal of the nails of a woman. In this case, it is important to note that real estate nail is invaluable when it comes to creating an attractive appearance that is visible to others. Like any other medium of beauty is a good way to make cute and easy designs for the best appearance and attractive nails. With it, you will not sloppy design or excess nail varnish covering fingers unwanted places. Next, let’s look at the top in creating simple and easy nail designs edge.

Get your nail polish Open

First things first; you should get your bottle of nail polish open before painting their favorite designs easy nails. It is common for nail polish caps stuck. You can wrap a rubber band around the top and make it easier to open with the handle. Alternatively, you can take the nail polish upside down in a cup of hot water leaving only the top submerged in water. This ensures that the nail polish, which is sensitive to heat remains out of the water while the lid is released.

Use Vaseline to keep polish off the skin around nails

Easy to get nail polish on the skin around the nails to create simple nail designs. It is often very difficult to lose while being unsightly. In this case, it is best to do everything possible to avoid being there first. Petrolatum can be used for this purpose. Simply apply to the skin around the nails with a cotton ball and then you are good to go.

French manicure

A French manicure is one of the most popular designs nail easy to do in the comfort of your home. Just take large rubber band and make a loop in the center. Then put around your thumb to tension and subsequently unite around the finger that you want to paint. Make sure the rubber band is almost on the edge of the nail and then use it as a guide for painting.

Half Moon Manicure

Paper stickers holes are great resources in creating simple and cute nail art. Just stick to the base of each nail and used as a painting guide. Apply two coats of varnish before removing the stickers and enjoy the appearance of their nails painted.

To ensure that your new nail designs Easy Dry necessary, soak nails in a bowl of ice water or use a nonstick cooking nail nail polish to dry as quickly as possible spray.

Hays She is an expert in cool designs and easy nail art. He also writes articles and tutorials on nails and nail designs to provide tutorials for many people across the Internet.

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