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A blood test for food allergies

We all know that most of us have an allergy to something. However, find out what the allergy can be a very daunting. Running a food allergy blood test is something you and your doctor can do by eliminating foods from your diet and find the allergy symptoms.

However, there are three types of tests, is the skin prick, RAST and CAP-ELISA. Each test has advantages and disadvantages. Some tests are good for children or people with skin orders like eczema. Some may take longer than others, and some might not include the allergens that may have experienced. These tests can detect specific antibodies in the blood for an allergy. There are two types of IgG and IgE. IgG more time to respond, usually for about 48 hours antibodies. IgE antibodies usually react more quickly, in about two hours or less.

The bite of the skin test food allergy blood is a simple type test is performed in the doctor’s office. This form of testing is usually less expensive compared with the CAP-RAST or ELISA. You also need to time a small amount to determine the results. The skin test is performed by applying a small drop of allergen extract to an individual in the skin, then prick with a needle. In cases where an individual is allergic to that particular allergen, a papule (looks like a mosquito bite) is formed in 15 minutes. Blood test for CAP-RAST, it takes a blood sample is sent to the laboratory where they are checked to determine if the blood contains antibodies that IgE food allergy in particular. CAP-RAST test is best for young children who had problems with the skin test. It is also good for people who suffer from skin problems like eczema, which tends to make it harder to read the results. It takes about a week to get the results of this test.

The ELISA test is another blood type food allergy. This test contains more allergens in comparison with other tests, for about 190 different food allergies. Can detect the amount of IgG. On the other hand, if you have not eaten a specific allergen suspected the last three weeks, a fall can cause a false negative result. ELISA test sample is collected and treated as CAP-RAST test.

The best proof is definitely a lifesaver for people who are suffering from allergy symptoms strangers. Many people with allergies will never recognize that they could steer clear of symptoms including through the elimination of foods from your diet. However, a major problem for all blood tests for food allergies is that I can not say the nature or severity of symptoms a person will acquire. This indicates that two persons each could have a positive test for allergy to peanuts. A person may be able to eat peanuts, but includes a mild reaction. Even if the other person could eat peanuts and go into anaphylaxis.

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