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Tag Archives: virus

Epidemiological analysis of the Hepatitis C Virus

Historical Perspective of hepatitis C

According to the National Center for Health Statistics (2006) of the hepatitis C virus (HCV) is blood chronic viral infection common in the United States; about three times as many people are infected with hepatitis C who are infected with HIV. First identified in 1988, HCV is the causative agent of what was once known as hepatitis A and B, and is estimated to have infected up to 242,000 Americans each year during the 1980s Since 1989, the annual number of new infections has fallen by more than 80 percent to about 41,000 in 1998. A national survey (the third Nutrition Survey [NHANES III] National Health and) the civilian population, noninstitutionalized US found that 1.8 percent of the citizens of the United States (3.9 million) have been infected with HCV, the majority (2.7 million) are chronically infected with HCV (National Center for Health Statistics, 2006). While new infections are declining steadily, the prevalence of liver disease caused by HCV is increasing due to the difference in time between the onset of infection and clinical manifestations.

Hepatitis C may be the most deadly disease ever heard. In part because of the delay between the occurrence and infection often causes no symptoms for decades. Carriers of the virus may never know or do not know they are infected. According to Betsy (2006) for many years, no one knew what was causing a wave of severe liver disease; they could only discern that was different from hepatitis A and B, which are acquired differently and are generally less severe, is called A and hepatitis B. The virus has eluded detection until 1989, when scientists have used innovative techniques to find him. Even now, it is very difficult to study and last year only 2,005 scientists were able to grow in a lab (Betsy, 2006).

HIV virus attacks the immune system

HIV is not found in the feces of insects. HIV is one of a group of viruses known as retroviruses atypical maintain their genetic information in the form of ribonucleic acid (RNA). By using an enzyme called reverse transcriptase, HIV and other retroviruses are capable of producing deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) from RNA, while most cells perform the reverse process, the RNA transcription genetic material DNA . HIV is not transmitted through sweat, tears or saliva; or sharing food, utensils, towels, linens, swimming pool, telephone or toilet seat with someone who has the virus. HIV is not transmitted by bed bugs or mosquitoes.

HIV is particularly deadly because it attacks the immune system cells (very diversely called T4, CD4 or T helper cells) that normally fight viral infection. Receptor in these cells appears to allow the viral DNA enters the cell. HIV is transmitted through sex and HIV is not the only infection that is transmitted through intimate sexual contact. Other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) such as gonorrhea, syphilis, herpes, chlamydia, and can also be hired for anal, vaginal and oral sex. HIV is not only a problem in Africa. This is a global problem.

Bizarre Ebola Virus Discovered As in Derna, Libya – human or natural Made?

There have been recent reports that there has been an outbreak of Ebola virus as a strain of virus in Libya along the Mediterranean coast. These days with bacteria from meat eating, Ebola hemorrhagic fever as the deadly H1N1 strain of flu, it is only a matter of time until a major outbreak eventually kill large numbers of humans. Therefore, we must be on our guard, and we have to track down anyone trying to conceive biologically any of these things to create biological weapons or pandemic.

Now, when I heard that there was a stranger like Ebola are in Derna, Libya virus my ears perked up and wondered if it was human or natural. Faced with this dilemma, it occurred to be that something is wrong with this information and image.

One problem that I have with all amateur scholar as intelligence is more than 50 insurgents of Al-Qaeda in Iraq came from the same people, and I just do not buy into the whole theory of coincidence, as some might. Occam’s Razor leads me to believe there is a connection. Tell me you’ve never read any of the books of Richard Preston, or any of the books of Bill Gertz on the proliferation of biological weapons after the fall of the USSR; ie if, where did all these scientific biological weapons will anyway – to the highest bidder, of course.

Risk of virus and national security

When we talk about international terrorism, most people think in terms of attacks, kidnappings or nuclear weapons in the hands of the worst villains. In fact, they are serious, but what about the diseases and viruses? What mutation of avian flu or smallpox, Ebola or mixed with the common cold. It’s not fun and nobody wants to talk, but we also have our enemies.

So, lets talk about it? I fear that use eggs for vaccine production and if we bird flu? Well, the eggs should be used? Research has been going on in the use of E. coli, but the idea of ​​using it to make vaccines is a little scary. Apples can be used, is not as effective and look how many people are there? There are several new businesses with incredible progress that has been made in the rapid development of vaccines.

However, we see another question, as a company buys whole star anise and avian flu vaccines do too. Even if bird flu hits hard in the United States, we have no idea what the strain could become the next pandemic. Some believe that China is testing its own people in the western provinces and two daily flights on AA nonstop Vietnam to New York? I mean, everything is prepared for disaster and no one seems to understand.

Infection with Ebola virus

Infection with Ebola virus (FHE) caused by the deadly Ebola virus and still mysterious became a care in the world since its discovery in 1976 Ebola outbreaks in Africa have alarmed scientists, medical experts and government and voluntary organizations so teams have been deployed to monitor and control the situation. The main concern of this paper is to present vital information to establish the fact that infection with Ebola virus is transmitted by direct contact with infected animals. Most of this article is an analysis of the nature of the Ebola virus and its transmission from animals to man contained in the first four sections. A section has also provided information on outbreaks of Ebola and where reported, in chronological order, with the CDC and WHO recent reports and fact sheets. The last two sections are designated for testing information EHF symptoms, diagnosis and laboratory. A section is also provided the latest update on infection with Ebola virus.