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The most common diseases treated in family medicine

diseases treated

Family medicine is where most people are looking for their first line of treatment, using a specialist if necessary. These medical professionals treat a variety of diseases in all age groups. What are the most common complaints in family medicine?

1. Malheurs and pain

Many patients come to complain that they are suffering, and there are a variety of different reasons for this. Discomfort can be caused by an injury such as a sprain or strain, a condition such as bursitis or osteoarthritis, or may even be a symptom of another underlying problem. An experienced physician should be able to diagnose the problem based on the location of the pain, when and how it began, and the general health of the patient.

2. Headaches

Another common complaint is headache, including migraines. Many problems can cause headaches. A doctor can diagnose chronic migraines and prescribe medication to relieve painful symptoms. Headaches can also be caused by a sensitivity or nasal allergic infection, such as sinusitis. An adequate diagnosis in this situation would be an allergy test to determine the patient’s allergies or antibiotics to treat the infection. If the problem persists, the doctor may suggest a vision test, an MRI, or a CT scan to eliminate neurological problems.

Evening primrose oil – Alternative medicine for Health Hormone

If you live in a country where there is no health system available to you and your family; places like Dr, hospitals and dentists probably feel grateful for the medical help they can give you in your time of need.

More and more people are turning to free alternative natural remedies to treat their ailments. We never found out the negative effects of drug use made by man ultimately may have in our body and began to make people careful with the use of traditional medicines.

Homeopathic medicine is best for skin diseases?

Premise homeopathic treatment is based on “the treatment of the disease itself not the symptoms.” The founder of homeopathy, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann believed that the body has innate healing properties and widely prescribed as eliminating the visible signs of illness or disease was dangerous. This thought applied specifically to diseases and skin problems. Rashes, it was believed that allergies and skin rashes to be manifestations or symptoms of the deeper disease in the body; So topical application of creams and lotions are not desirable forms of treatments-those above would only suppress the symptoms, not cure the disease itself.

Homeopathic medicine for skin diseases has total of the factors that cause the symptoms into account. All skin diseases are not “limit” but go far beyond; many skin allergies and infections are the result of the body’s response to certain situations such as anxiety, stress, depression, anemia, vitamin or mineral deficiency and so on. The skin is a natural outlet for the removal of toxic substances such as sweat is discharged through sweat pores.

Energy and vibrational medicine – medicine of tomorrow

Everything that exists is energy itself. A vibratory field refers to this dynamic interconnected system consisting of energy. The same system redirects this energy in its various forms. A vibratory field can exist in individual, group, or as a system or other systems. The system is arranged molecularly body is unique interlaced field of power system to form a single system.

This energy is coordinated and feeds on small power systems. These energy systems coordinate various functions in the physical body as cellular and hormonal functions. From these levels of direct health and energy and emerging diseases. These energy levels affect growth patterns in all directions, both negative and positive.

How to talk to your doctor on sensitive issues of family medicine

The fact of the matter is that some health problems are more sensitive, or even at the bottom embarrassing to discuss with your family doctor right. Too often, people go to the doctor with specific questions about your condition in mind and end up never ask the question your doctor. No matter how hard, rough or embarrass the subject may be for you, there is no excuse for not getting your medical problems treated by your doctor. Here is your guide to talk to your family doctor about your health problems more sensitive.

Practice first

One way to kill the shame before he denied access to his doctor about these sensitive issues is to simply get some practice to make these difficult questions. You talk about bodily functions, or specific aches and pains in some of his infernal regions, just hearing the words out loud is a way to make them less annoying and scary. This can be especially helpful for people who have been around for a while and are not used to say a word for fear of being rude. Practice saying these words aloud make it much easier when you arrive at your doctor’s office.

The future of pharmacogenomics and medicine precision

Pharmacogenomics is most simply defined as the ability to understand how different genetic variances play an important role in how people handle different agencies and degradation of drugs and medicines.

Researchers have long known through pharmacogenetic tests that genetic differences play an important role in how people metabolize drugs, and the impact it can have on the effectiveness of some medications. Different genes play an important role in how the body distributes the drug, down, processes, and ultimately, the overall effect of this drug can have on an individual.

The recent evolution of pharmacogenetics, which is the study of how drugs interact specifically with certain genes and gene expression, makes medical accuracy.

Finpecia for Hair Loss Medicine

Hair loss is a common problem not only for older people but also people at the young age. There are many things that can cause hair loss such age, eating habits, stress, weather, and environment. Whatever the cause of the hair loss is, you can always grow your hair once again with certain drugs that have been formulated to modify the hormones that responsible for the hair growth.

One of the best hair loss medicines that you try is Propecia. It is a Type II 5 Alpha reductase inhibitors. We will not explain what the chemical code means for but what we can tell you that the drug is reducing the conversion of testosterone into androgen homone dihydrotestosterone (DHT). The DHT is the hormone that is responsible for hair loss. If the DHT is not produce by the body, there is no more hair loss and new hairs can grow.

Finpecia tablet is the name of the drug containing Finasteride and it is available from many online stores, such as Propecia Online. This hair loss medicine is very effective even if you are old enough. Before you use this medicine, it is better to consult your doctor first and make sure that your hair loss and baldness are not because of cancer treatments or certain drugs if you are currently in a medication.

The advantages of Chinese medicine for cancer

Some people think that cancer can be effectively countered by the Chinese herbal medicine. However, it is crucial for people to realize that the treatment of cancer is a medicinal plant that can not do. It’s pretty easy to find a site that promotes an herbal remedy some as a cure for cancer, but these allegations have not been verified and some herbologists never be in such statements. However, the use of Chinese herbs for cancer is considered useful when combined with standard cancer treatment, even if not cure the disease. This is because patients who use it seem to benefit in many ways.

Patients who experience side effects that accompany chemotherapy and / or radiation therapy may use a herbal medicine to reduce these symptoms. Patients often experience side effects can include nausea, vomiting and diarrhea with digestive disorders. While undergoing cancer treatments, some patients find that herbal medicines help with side effects.

When a person undergoes radiation treatments and chemotherapy, his immune system is at risk due to treatment not only kill harmful cells but also healthy cells. The body’s ability to fight cancer can be increased by the use of drugs derived from plants. Consequently, the body can be processed more efficiently while diseases such cancer treatments are underway. For example, Chinese herbs for cancer are associated with a low probability of complications from pneumonia and other diseases.

In recent years, there was more research to measure the effectiveness of different herbs in cancer. In a lab environment, research has shown that certain herbs can inhibit tumor growth in the body. Obviously, this does not prove that herbal medicines to cure cancer. On the other hand, appears to show that the combination of conventional medicine and treatment of herbs can be effective in patients. Other research shows that herbal remedies can keep certain cancers from occurring again. Most scientists would like to see more research before the results on the use of Chinese herbs for cancer are called inconclusive.

Herbal medicine has been used in the world of the Orient for thousands of years and is still considered a traditional medicine in most countries in the Far East. These days an association created between these methods and conventional medicine helps people to try to create a much more well rounded. The use of herbal treatments combined with a good exercise and eating habits to improve this type of therapy. Depending on the problem, acupuncture is also included in conventional drug treatment.

Herbal medicine for cervical cancer


Cervical cancer is one of the most common cancers affecting women. Women between the ages of 30 and 55 have the highest incidence of cervical cancer. Women who have had sexually transmitted diseases, and those who have had many pregnancies beginning at a young age are at greatest risk. If you smoke, stop. Smoking is a suspected risk factor for cervical cancer. Get a yearly pelvic exam and Pap test is the only way to detect cervical cancer. The Pap test can detect malignant cells before symptoms are present.

Fortunately, cervical cancer develops slowly. If diagnosed early, when cancer is still confined to the outermost layers of cervical tissue, cervical cancer has a cure rate of almost 100 percent. Even in more advanced cases, when the cancer spreads deeper into the wall of the cervix, the chances of recovery are good. On the other hand, if the cancer is allowed to spread to other organs, the prognosis is not so good.

Signs and symptoms

Cervical cancer at an early stage is usually asymptomatic. Later, the most common symptoms are:

Vaginal bleeding after intercourse, between periods or after menopause

Bloody vaginal discharge

Conventional medical treatment

If you notice any unexplained bleeding or discharge, see your gynecologist immediately, who performs a pelvic exam and Pap smear. If the Pap smear reveals abnormalities, your doctor examines your cervix closely (with a device called a colposcope) and takes a tissue sample to check for malignant cells. If cancer is confirmed, your doctor may take X-rays to determine if the cancer has spread to one of the surrounding organs.

Cervical cancer treatment depends on what stage is in. If caught early, laser surgery, freezing or cautery can be used to remove malignant cells from the outer layer of fabric. If the cancer has advanced into the uterine wall, radiation may be performed. (See “Conventional Medical Treatment” in the “Bladder Cancer” entry for more information about radiotherapy.) Your doctor also may recommend a hysterectomy, an operation that involves removing the cervix and uterus.

Complementary and Alternative Therapies

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Acupuncture can be used as adjunctive therapy in the early stages of cervical cancer of the uterus to stimulate the body’s immune system and improve the flow of chi in the diseased cells.

Acupressure Acupressure can be helpful in relieving the pain of cervical cancer and stomach upset caused by conventional treatments.

Chinese Herbal Therapy Garlic has been shown to inhibit the growth of cancer cells, while promoting healthy cell production, which could explain the popularity of this herb in the prevention and treatment of all cancers including cervix.

Sporting Goods medicine can be an excellent resource

The field of sports medicine has become important in recent years. With the advent and growing mass of athletes in competitive sports, it has become almost as important as physical training and others.

This influx of sports medicine services gateway has also opened a wealth of information on the subject. Those interested in learning more about this branch of medicine now have a number of options to do this, go directly from the resources available in the printed product, Internet and private physicians.


There is a wealth of expertise in the subject through a series of articles in sports medicine journals and other publications. These publications provide a deep understanding of the various aspects and also guide the reader useful and accurate decisions. These items include a well structured information, which carries the latest updates and news related to this area more.