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The connection between intestinal health and inflammation


Some go like aging; Others suffer from ongoing health problems; However, there is a possibility that their chronic inflammation means something else: poor bowel health. It might look like we’re a scratched record, but it will never stop repeating, the gut has a huge impact on your overall well-being.

Your stomach is empty billions of live bacteria and yeast calls its microbiome. In fact, your gut is home to eighty percent of your immune system and is often called the second brain of the body. Meanwhile, the hormone’s weight-bearing state of genetics, falls under the control of the gut.

The Best Things You Should Know About Potassium Intake

vitamin dan minerals

A balanced diet includes all essential macronutrients, vitamins and minerals. There is no way to omit or replace one for the other. Even carbohydrates are necessary for the body, although it is possible to reduce your intake of weight loss and other health goals. An essential mineral for the body is potassium. Like other minerals, people often take potassium intake for granted. In this post we will talk about the benefits of potassium in detail as well as tips and quick ideas on good nutrition, sources and other aspects.

The basic concepts:

Potassium helps maintain fluid balance in the body and helps maintain the main healthy organs. In fact, it is extremely essential to prevent a number of chronic diseases related to the heart, brain and nerves. Having a diet of minerals in your diet is very important, especially because it helps to lower blood pressure, which is a great risk for heart disease. Potassium and sodium are often operated on different requirements because sodium promotes fluid retention, which can lead to increased blood pressure. With enough potassium in the diet, you can reverse the effects. It is also known to be beneficial for bone health and can protect your body against bone loss. It is also helpful in reducing the risk of kidney stones.

6 tips for a good massage Back

massage back

Perform any therapeutic massage of back and forth may require a lot of training. However, a relaxing and effective massage can still be given to anyone without proper training. There are some basic massage techniques that can help you a lot to give a good massage. Some important tips to give a good back massage are.

1. Choose a suitable and comfortable place

Using a massage table can give you the best access to the back of everyone. It is also constructed with a high level of comfort and provides proper alignment of the spine. However, there are some alternatives that you can see if there is a table available. For example, you can try using the floor, bed or sofa.

2. Pour the massage oil on the palms

You should start using a spoon, which is about the size of a coin. You can also rub your hands before applying it to a person. There are some good oils for use as grapeseed oil, coconut oil, almond oil and jojoba oil.

3. Spread the oil around

The propagation technique is called oil around as fondling and that means a slight friction. You can use the sliding movements in long or even blows. Whole also use your hands and massage start moving upwards.

4. Using a technique Petrissage

A Petrissage technique is one that uses a short circular route ad applying more pressure compared to cherish. You can also think of this as a kneading technique that can be used by pressing and rolling to improve traffic deeper level material. This technique can also be used the fingertips, palm and fingers.

Evening primrose oil – Alternative medicine for Health Hormone

If you live in a country where there is no health system available to you and your family; places like Dr, hospitals and dentists probably feel grateful for the medical help they can give you in your time of need.

More and more people are turning to free alternative natural remedies to treat their ailments. We never found out the negative effects of drug use made by man ultimately may have in our body and began to make people careful with the use of traditional medicines.

How to reverse diabetes naturally – catch the culprit

Diabetes mellitus is defined as a “condition where the body of the pancreas has lost its ability to produce insulin, a hormone active in regulating blood sugar and fat storage.” For those of you who do not know, there are 2 types of diabetes. It is of type I, which occurs early in life (as a child) and is commonly known as juvenile diabetes. Then it is of type II that occurs later in life, but can also be seen as a teenager.
Insulin resistance (IR) is widely seen as the main trigger of late-onset diabetes Mellitus II (DM2), characterized by an excess of the hormone insulin, called hyper-hyper insulinism or other insulin. Type I diabetes, the other suffers from lack of insulin.
OK, enough scientific jargon, the point of the matter is certainly diabetes is a life threatening condition if not treated quickly. And often it begins as insulin resistant. Experts say their projections predict a doubling of worldwide resistance to insulin in the next 15-20 years.

Living Food Diet

What could motivate someone to start a diet of live foods? You may have heard of the new diet trend where the disciples eat only raw foods. You may even know someone who started the diet. If so, you will be familiar with the many health benefits of the diet.

Live broadcast

Following this type of diet is to eat a diet of raw plant foods. Proponents say it can be considered a foodist if at least 75% of the food you eat is raw.

This incredible system is based on the premise that it has reached a temperature of 112 ° F to 116 ° F have lost all their nutritional value. These nutrients are needed for good health and suffer if they are not a regular part of your diet.

Alkaline diet foods – How to regain health and energy

Our bodies were designed to eat food that was available naturally and have believed. In today’s hectic life many of us seem to have forgotten what fresh food is. Most of us suffer from a disease or other. The duration of the call is to follow a diet of alkaline foods to get rid of our diseases and regain our lost health.

A diet alkaline foods seems to have the answer to all our physical problems. 7.4.It natural pH of our body is at this pH all body functions are carried out smoothly. The heart, brain, blood cells, liver, kidney all requires a pH of 7.4 at body to function smoothly and optimally. Only alkaline foods diet can ensure that this natural alkaline pH of the body is restored. Most of our diet consists of acid forming foods such as meat and fats. Many of us have more than the allowed amount of processed food products. They are also acid. Jams, butter, cookies, frozen, ice and almost 90% of our food intake as these foods are acidic food. A diet alkaline foods is the opposite of what most of us eat today.

Cholesterol essential to the health of the Great, and not the mythical man Boogy-

The hypothesis
Say the inspector has seen many great fire and realized that with each fire, firefighters were present, and therefore the conclusion that only the weight of their presence, firefighters were the cause of the fire. This specious logic seems to be the thinking of the traditional medical community when it comes to the conclusion that the mere presence of cholesterol in the arteries as plaque is the cause of heart disease, stroke and this was arteriolosclerosis wisdom — prevails.

Website states of the American Heart Association, “High cholesterol is a major controllable risk factors for coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction and stroke.” And “high cholesterol. Since cholesterol in the blood increases, so does the risk of coronary heart disease” This is called the lipid hypothesis, in which the only appropriate therapy for heart disease was to prescribe medication to reduce the cholesterol and severely limit your intake of saturated fat, and any deviation from this protocol for decades was considered a heresy.

Questions abound
Apparently, humans have consumed large amounts of saturated fat for centuries as meat, eggs and full-fat dairy without the incidence of heart disease … until about the 1900s As we cut these foods in our diet replacing them with a lot of sugar, vegetable oils and processed foods, heart disease debuted with a vengeance and became the leading cause of death in the United States.

Large companies are not harmful entities, but it would be prudent to note that the pharmaceutical and processed food companies bring mega-bucks as long as this assumption is alive; remember Sydney J. Harris writes “There’s no way to prove your point of someone whose income depends on the position or believe otherwise.”

Here are some interesting facts:
Briton -ldl levels are lower from 15 to 45 countries in Europe, but remains one of the highest rates of heart attacks.
-75% Of victims of heart attacks have normal cholesterol levels
-country With higher than average cholesterol levels, such as the United States, like the Swiss, French and Spanish have less heart disease.

Role of cholesterol
I was surprised recently to learn that cholesterol is essential for vibrant health. Wow, you would think that with the way we have been conditioned for decades to think otherwise.

First, cholesterol is an essential component of our cell membranes and acts as an antioxidant, where every cell in our body has the ability to manufacture, manufacturing more or less the same on the basis of how much we consume. These are some of the functions of cholesterol contributes to health:

The dangers of dehydration and the importance of cleaning the kidneys

The human body is composed of 75 percent water and 25 percent solids. To provide nourishment, eliminate waste and regulate all the functions in the body, we need water. Most modern societies, however, emphasize the importance of drinking water as the most important of all nutrients “nutrient”. Whole population groups replace the water with tea, coffee, alcohol and other manufactured beverages. Many people do not realize that the natural thirst signal of the body is a sign that you need, pure drinking tap water. Instead, opt for other beverages in the belief that this would satisfy the body’s water needs. This is a false belief.

It is true that beverages such as tea, coffee, wine, beer, soft drinks and juices contain water but they also contain caffeine, alcohol, sugar, artificial sweeteners or other chemicals that act as strong dehydrators. The more you drink these beverages, the more dehydrated you become because the effects they create in the body are exactly opposite to those produced by water. Caffeinated beverages, for example, cause stress responses that have strong diuretic effects (causing increased urination, at first). He added-sugar drinks significantly raise levels of blood sugar, which uses large amounts of cellular water, too. Regular consumption of such beverages results in chronic dehydration, which is a common factor in every toxicity crisis.

Low-fat diet Health Benefits

When people think of the low fat, they usually think of weight loss. While limiting daily fat intake usually results in weight loss, there are many other health benefits that follow a low fat diet is a good choice for everyone.

Before embarking on their own low-fat diet is important to understand that there are different types of fat. Your body needs fat to function properly. “Good” fats are called unsaturated fats and oils found in commonly found in plants. These fats are found in things like olive oil, vegetables, corn and coconut. Saturated fats, in moderation, are actually good for you. The fats you want to try to limit saturated fats are called and come from dairy products, meat and animal products. Things like bacon, burgers, ice cream and cheeses are loaded with saturated fat and have more difficult for your body to break down. They can cause damage to the arteries and raise your LDL or “bad” cholesterol. The last type of fat called trans fat. Trans fats are found in products like cookies, cakes and chips. There is no benefit to the health of trans fatty acids and, if possible, be avoided.