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Bizarre Ebola Virus Discovered As in Derna, Libya – human or natural Made?

There have been recent reports that there has been an outbreak of Ebola virus as a strain of virus in Libya along the Mediterranean coast. These days with bacteria from meat eating, Ebola hemorrhagic fever as the deadly H1N1 strain of flu, it is only a matter of time until a major outbreak eventually kill large numbers of humans. Therefore, we must be on our guard, and we have to track down anyone trying to conceive biologically any of these things to create biological weapons or pandemic.

Now, when I heard that there was a stranger like Ebola are in Derna, Libya virus my ears perked up and wondered if it was human or natural. Faced with this dilemma, it occurred to be that something is wrong with this information and image.

One problem that I have with all amateur scholar as intelligence is more than 50 insurgents of Al-Qaeda in Iraq came from the same people, and I just do not buy into the whole theory of coincidence, as some might. Occam’s Razor leads me to believe there is a connection. Tell me you’ve never read any of the books of Richard Preston, or any of the books of Bill Gertz on the proliferation of biological weapons after the fall of the USSR; ie if, where did all these scientific biological weapons will anyway – to the highest bidder, of course.

Bio-weapons and swine Ebola, influenza A lot mutation

Many are very concerned about all the biological weapons scientist who left the former Soviet Union after its collapse. Many of these people went to the highest bidder, other nations that wanted to hire a scientist weapons for his army. Many countries in the Middle East had hired these people, some have gone to China, and others are scattered around the world.

Some conspiracy theorists even believe that the recent outbreak of swine flu in Mexico has been the work of a team of biological weapons. I will not go into conspiracy theories, but this scenario fits, and be just the kind of scientific thought in considering biological weapons fire a deadly biological weapon in a densely populated urban city. And, as happened a world away from the Middle East and China all sounds plausible deniable.

Of course, I’m not a thriller fiction writer and author of espionage, but there are some who believe that this is exactly what happened. But it gets worse, because pigs Ebola Philippines was discovered, which is very serious, as are attacks the respiratory system and may combine or be forced to scientifically associated with swine flu and so it spread so rapidly that they would burn himself as Ebola epidemics often do.

In an alternative view of the Ebola medical crises – “An ounce of prevention is worth a ton of cure”

No. 1 is caused by the Ebola virus. There is no cure because antibiotics viruses are obligate intracellular organisms. This means you do not travel in the blood and are not affected by antibiotics.

We No.2 preventive medicine taught that Moses wrote the first code for health in general. Includes quarantine and villages during the Black Death, the bubonic plague were saved in medieval times, when the quarantine was instituted. This virus so far confined to Africa. Sorry that medical officer and went and the disease was contracted, but she took the risk, we are not obliged to take them back. Let the disease in Africa.

No.3 A century ago, the best and brightest trains Battlecreek Michigan hospital where Dr. John Harvey Kellogg used alternatives. He wrote a book about four inches thick, called rational Hyrdrotherapy, and gave patients various forms of water treatment as well as reforms diet that includes bacon and eggs. They invented corn flakes and peanut butter popularized. The brother Will Kellogg, had revenues of cereals and did well with them.

Ebola outbreak: Symptoms and precautions

The Ebola virus disease (EVD), which has wreaked havoc in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia is considered “a deadly and often serious disease in humans” by the World Health Organization (WHO).

The immune system and causes bleeding inside and outside the body weakens. In fact, it even puts healthcare workers at risk if they are well protected.

Formerly known as Ebola hemorrhagic fever, Ebola was reported back in 1976 in Nzara, Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

What causes Ebola

It is believed that the fruit bats of the Pteropodidae family living in tropical forests are the natural hosts of the EVD. This deadly virus from other infected wild animals and humans is transmitted to humans. It is transmitted to humans by direct contact with secretions, sweat, blood and other bodily fluids of infected persons EVD and several infected animals, including bats, porcupines, the chimpanzees, gorillas and sick or dead in and around tropical forest monkeys. Other forms of infection with Ebola virus is by touching contaminated needles.

Infection with Ebola virus

Infection with Ebola virus (FHE) caused by the deadly Ebola virus and still mysterious became a care in the world since its discovery in 1976 Ebola outbreaks in Africa have alarmed scientists, medical experts and government and voluntary organizations so teams have been deployed to monitor and control the situation. The main concern of this paper is to present vital information to establish the fact that infection with Ebola virus is transmitted by direct contact with infected animals. Most of this article is an analysis of the nature of the Ebola virus and its transmission from animals to man contained in the first four sections. A section has also provided information on outbreaks of Ebola and where reported, in chronological order, with the CDC and WHO recent reports and fact sheets. The last two sections are designated for testing information EHF symptoms, diagnosis and laboratory. A section is also provided the latest update on infection with Ebola virus.