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Type 2 Diabetes – Stomach Surgery to Lose Weight May Protect Against Heart and Blood Vessel Disease

Much has been written about stomach surgery to reduce weight and prevent or treat type 2 diabetes. Researchers at the University of Rome have found other good news. His research published in the medical journal Obesity Surgery in November 2016, Gastrectomy in Coupled Sleeve, a surgical procedure created as an aid to weight loss, with a lower risk of developing heart disease and blood vessels.

People who have undergone the procedure not only achieved the expected value of weight loss, but also an improvement in the condition of their arteries. They found the carotid arteries supplying blood to the head and brain, had more interior space and were able to open wider after a sleeve gastrectomy. Obtaining an adequate supply of blood containing oxygen and sugar in the brain prevents strokes.

Manual gastrectomy involves cutting approximately 75 to 85% of the stomach. The result is a much thinner tube that looks like a sleeve. A feeling of satiety early, it is easier to follow a low calorie diet. The procedure also reduces the release of ghrelin, the hunger hormone. The process can be performed laparoscopically, with only six incisions in the abdomen. The surgeon can see the stomach through a laparoscope, a long metal instrument with a light at the end. Making six small cuts instead of large reduces recovery time, blood loss and scarring. None of the intestines is eliminated or overlooked, so the absorption of nutrients is the same.

As with any surgery, there are risks …

Living Food Diet

What could motivate someone to start a diet of live foods? You may have heard of the new diet trend where the disciples eat only raw foods. You may even know someone who started the diet. If so, you will be familiar with the many health benefits of the diet.

Live broadcast

Following this type of diet is to eat a diet of raw plant foods. Proponents say it can be considered a foodist if at least 75% of the food you eat is raw.

This incredible system is based on the premise that it has reached a temperature of 112 ° F to 116 ° F have lost all their nutritional value. These nutrients are needed for good health and suffer if they are not a regular part of your diet.

Chronic Kidney Disease – Natural Remedies available

Kidney problems or kidney failure may occur due to certain factors. Here is a list of the most common:

– Take over the counter medicines or other requirements (for a longer period)
– Exposure to pesticides or other toxins
– As a result of other diseases or conditions

Symptoms and signs of kidney disease may include:

– Blood in the urine
– Vomiting
– Nausea
– Chronic back problems
– Dizziness
– Change the setting of normal urine,
– Persistent metallic taste

First steps

Kidney Disease – Risk Factors and Prev

Kidney disease is one of the biggest health problems facing men today. It is caused by several factors and many people are at risk of developing the disease. Some signs and symptoms of joint disease include blood in the urine is called hematuria. The formation of foam urine, edema, back pain and urination are also among the signs which may be taken into account. Mountain risk factors should be known by all men and this article shows you who is more likely to be victims of the disease and how to prevent it.

The first risk factor is chronic disease like diabetes. In other words, people with diabetes are more likely to go down with kidney disease. The best remedy for this is to have diabetes under control. Thus, their levels of blood sugar will be checked to avoid damage to organs. Diabetes is a risk factor for other conditions such as erectile dysfunction. For this reason, this chronic disease must be treated and controlled to prevent another crisis.

The death of liver disease

The liver is an important organ that performs several functions in the human body. Being a large organ, the liver can cope with small damages. If the damage can worsen the condition of the liver and prevent it from working untreated. Severe liver damage can lead to liver failure and death. Some of the conditions that can lead to death from liver disease are alcoholism, liver cancer, cirrhosis and viral hepatitis.


Prolonged use of alcohol can cause a variety of mental and physical conditions. Alcohol affects the liver and other organs. There are three stages of alcoholic liver disease. First, a fatty liver develops in heavy drinkers. Liver function did not deteriorate at this stage and this condition can be reversed if alcohol is not consumed. The second stage is the alcoholic hepatitis when the patient may develop jaundice. The effects can be reversed at this stage if it’s stopped drinking and treatment is taken. The last step is cirrhosis of the liver, which is an irreversible and serious liver damage. Therefore, the liver function is affected and the life span of a person is reduced.

Drug-Induced Liver Disease

The liver is the organ that is responsible for a variety of bodily functions, including the elimination of toxins and waste filtration. The liver has many enzymes that aid in the metabolism of drugs. With the increasing use of various drugs, liver disease caused by drugs has become very common. Symptoms may or may not be similar to other liver diseases. When symptoms are similar, it is difficult to understand if the symptoms were caused by disease or drugs. Drug-induced liver disease can be classified as predictable and unpredictable.

Drug-induced liver disease predictably

Intrinsic reactions to drugs can cause liver damage. Predictable drug-induced liver disease is related to the dose of drugs that cause liver damage. Some medications, when taken in excessive amounts, have toxic effects on the liver. This type of liver disease can be easily treated in a careful review of the history of the drug to the patient. Toxic dose of acetaminophen leading to hepatocellular necrosis are cases of hepatic impairment induced by drugs most frequently recorded. Other drugs that cause various liver diseases are amiodarone, bromfenac, tetracycline, niacin, cyclosporine and certain oral contraceptives.

You can find amazing facts about liver disease

The severity of liver disease can vary significantly from soft and manageable debilitating and eventually even fatal. If liver disease can be treated early and if treatment is followed by most liver diseases can be managed. The liver is a very durable body, but because he was asked to do what we want to work as efficiently as possible. Let’s identify some of the common myths that if not fully understood could impede efforts to detect liver disease.

1. Liver disease can be cured with a liver transplant. Since it is considered as a last resort to keep a person alive when the liver is destroyed, the receiver may feel that they are out of danger with a transplant. There are still things that can go wrong. The body can reject a new liver or consignee who still fall prey to the same thing that made the first liver failure.

Alcoholic liver disease and alcoholic hepatitis

When the liver is damaged and the cause is related to alcohol, this condition is called “alcoholic liver disease” or “alcoholic hepatitis.” This condition should not be confused, however, cirrhotic liver cirrhosis is a specific condition that is caused primarily by alcohol, but can also occur due to other medical conditions or liver disease.

Alcoholic hepatitis is usually used to describe a variety of symptoms or more conditions that occur during the early stages of alcoholic liver disease and damage that occurs in the liver potentially be reversed when a person stops using alcohol. When a person has reached the stage of alcoholic liver disease, usually the liver was extensively damaged.

Signs and symptoms of alcoholic liver disease

Stages of liver disease

The liver is one of the principal organs of the human body and is essential for the proper functioning of the body. Liver, protein synthesis, bile acids and cholesterol. Maintains a balance of many nutrients and chemicals such as sugar, fat, cholesterol, vitamins and hormones and aid in excretion of many waste products as bilirubin, cholesterol, poison, and drugs. Thus, liver disease is a serious disease that can be cured if treated in the early stages. There are four steps for any hepatic dysfunction: inflammation, fibrosis, cirrhosis and cancer.


The liver can become inflamed due to certain conditions, the use of alcohol and certain chemicals. Conditions that can cause inflammation of the liver are hepatitis B, hepatitis C, autoimmune hepatitis, and Wilson’s disease. Alcohol also causes inflammation reaches the liver. Some drugs and industrial pollutants can affect the liver. Inflammation is characterized by redness, swelling, heat and pain in the liver possible.


The myths of cholesterol that can inhibit their ability to reverse coronary artery disease

Intelligent people, confident in their knowledge of cholesterol can be a surprise. Why? Because there are misconceptions about this waxy substance. Understanding cholesterol and where they should be sufficient. In order to preserve their health, consumers may wish to identify the key myths about cholesterol. Experts say the first 5 are as follows. Sound familiar?

The first myth: If my total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol are “in the range of law,” I do not have to worry about health problems of the coronary arteries.

Faux. People who get all the low-density lipoprotein (LDL or “bad”) cholesterol results return as “average” can really be at risk as traditional projections of cholesterol does not evaluate many of the problems of cholesterol that could be responsible of heart disease. Believe it or not, almost 50% of all people who have heart attacks “normal” cholesterol, as calculated by the traditional cholesterol test.

The second myth: If I am physically active and eat healthy, you need not worry about heart disease.

This is another error. Many people who are at risk or with heart problems and work to eat a balanced diet. This is because genes play an important role in heart disease. In fact, a recent analysis of male twins, lean and overweight in good physical condition and over and a “couch potato”, found that the two brothers tended to show the effect of cholesterol same for both high in the fat and low in fat.