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Tag Archives: Diabetes

A diagnosis of diabetes reduces your life?

Diagnosis of diabetes

No one wants to think about increasing blood sugar levels and gaining weight, especially when you are relatively young. It is rare to find young adults in their 20s or 30s who are aware of their blood sugar at least had a disease like type 1 diabetes since their younger years. But these days, it is less common to see people with type 1 diabetes, especially when comparing figures in type 2 diabetes. Both are a serious condition, but type 2 is more common in our society. While type 1 is an autoimmune disease, type 2, which is generally seen in adults, it is now increasingly found in the young population. The genesis of this form of diabetes is insulin resistance.

On a positive note, the treatment of diabetes has never been better. Fortunately, most diabetics can heal and live well regardless of their condition: This goes for both types of diabetes. However, we need to focus on people with type 2 diabetes, as it is by far the most problematic disease. Its prevalence is catastrophic worldwide and its incidence continues to increase.

The growth of numbers can be attributed to the bad way of life led by so many people. A poor lifestyle contributes to facilitating the development of insulin resistance. When …

Insulin resistance and the causes

insulin resistance

Insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreas that allows cells to use glucose (sugar) for energy.

People with insulin resistance have cells that do not use insulin effectively, which means that the cells have difficulty absorbing glucose. Decreased ability of cells to respond to the action of insulin in transporting glucose (sugar) into the blood circulation in muscle and other tissues results in an accumulation of glucose in the blood. Therefore, the body needs higher levels of insulin to help glucose get into the cells. The pancreas is trying to keep increasing the demand for insulin by producing more. While it is able to produce enough insulin to overcome insulin resistance, glucose remains in the healthy range.

But over time, the pancreas stops following the increased demand for insulin. Without enough insulin, excess glucose builds up in the bloodstream, leading to pre-diabetes, diabetes and other serious health disorders.

– symptom

Insulin resistance usually has no symptoms. People may have the condition for years without knowing they have it.

People with severe forms may develop dark spots on the skin, usually on the back of the neck. Sometimes people have a black ring around their neck. Dark spots can also appear on the elbows, knees, joints and underarms. Changes in the skin usually occur slowly. The affected skin may also have an itchy smell. This condition is called acanthosis nigricans.

A massage is more than just an activity Day Spa

massage and Spa

When some people hear the word massage, the first thing that comes to mind is an image of your dream vacation in a luxury spa on the beach on a secluded island. While massage service as a way of pampering purposes luxury, this stimulation procedure is also used as a legitimate medical technique that can help solve problems such as insomnia, stress, headache, digestive disorders, injuries sports and more.

Insomnia and migraine

One of the health benefits of massage is its ability to relieve insomnia, clinical term for the inability to fall asleep at night. Insomnia is a very common disease, which affects more than three million people in the US According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, lack of sleep can lead to increased risk of diseases like heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, strokes, heart attacks, obesity, and more. Because these types of diseases are among the leading causes of premature death in the United States, it is safe to say that this stimulating muscle activity in particular is very beneficial.

5 home remedies to combat arthritis pain and numbness dela

Only one patient of arthritis can understand another patient of arthritis. Arthritis is a debilitating disease that can be difficult to convince others with our physical appearance. There may be swelling and deformities in the body, and you may have pain in the joints and back and numbness; I tell others about their condition and they will say, “I have a similar problem also is very common.” During my childhood, I usually associate arthritis and Ayurveda as companions for the elderly. If there is one person in the family, there is a strong smell of Ayurvedic medicine and grandparents something disfigured and low gloss oil Ayurveda applies throughout the body to fight arthritis.
Where we read about arthritis find that there is little choice and most doctors prescribe painkillers. You due to lifestyle and pollution increasingly younger are diagnosed with arthritis. Arthritis pain worsens during winter. Unlike diabetes, which have the results of blood tests to check their status and cancer, where you have the biopsy to confirm the disease, arthritis, your condition is determined by a combination of blood results and symptoms. During the past two years, after experiencing symptoms of arthritis caused by a fall, I realized that you can hold off your arthritis, and possibly reverse the attack, through self-experimentation with home remedies and make some changes lifestyle. Here are some of the remedies that have been successful in reducing or eradicating symptoms in some patients with arthritis have spoken in the past two years:

What is the Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes mellitus (DM) is a physical disorder involving the pancreas, a gland that produces little or no insulin. Insulin is a hormone that acts to regulate the metabolism of fats, carbohydrates and proteins. Insulin lowers blood glucose level (sugar) and promotes the entry of glucose uptake and muscle cells and other tissues for their energy needs and in liver cells and fat for storage. Insufficient insulin secretion levels causes blood sugar and lipid levels elevated. What’s the score? Some common symptoms of DM – excessive thirst and hunger. As the disease progresses the body’s inability to store or use weight loss and glucose causes fatigue. Another common symptom that is often overlooked is blurred vision.
DM affects about 16 million Americans, but perhaps only half of those know they have it. Often, people with the most common type of diabetes (Type 2), which tend to occur in older people, confuse their symptoms to aging or being overweight. Consequently, they do not receive the treatment they need. If left untreated, diabetes can lead to serious problems such as an increased risk of stroke and heart attack, blindness, kidney disease, nerve damage and amputations (loss) of the members due to circulatory problems.
There are two types of diabetes, Type 1, also called juvenile appears early in life – 14 years of age or younger – when the pancreas stops working. Type 2 occurs later in life. About 90 percent of diabetics have type II, which occurs when muscles become resistant to insulin, the body can not produce enough diabetes.

Living Food Diet

What could motivate someone to start a diet of live foods? You may have heard of the new diet trend where the disciples eat only raw foods. You may even know someone who started the diet. If so, you will be familiar with the many health benefits of the diet.

Live broadcast

Following this type of diet is to eat a diet of raw plant foods. Proponents say it can be considered a foodist if at least 75% of the food you eat is raw.

This incredible system is based on the premise that it has reached a temperature of 112 ° F to 116 ° F have lost all their nutritional value. These nutrients are needed for good health and suffer if they are not a regular part of your diet.

The dilemma diabetes Coke Soda

What is diabetes?

There are two types of diabetes .

The first type , type I diabetes, is a form of autoimmunity that is present starting at an early age . Some people are born with it . This type of diabetes include a defect in the ability to create a protein called ” insulin ” . This protein is absolutely essential in the absorption of glucose ( sugar) and if you do not have insulin, you can not just absorb everything. You can eat as much candy as you want, only the sugar remains in the blood flowing in your cells … And yes , glucose is essential. It is our major source of energy and if you can not absorb it , you can not survive .

This disease is a radical lifestyle change for patients. Since they can not produce insulin, must be injected every time they want to eat ( and absorb sugars).

I will not go much further into this, but sometimes these short simple sugar patients , which means your body can collapse suddenly. This is called hypoglycemia and can have many implications . Some patients may even fall in hypoglycemic coma if they have not been able to absorb sugars for a certain period of time ? In a hypoglycemic such “crisis ” is absolutely vital for them to get sugars as fast as possible!

Cola is a solution for this. Cola contains sugars that can actually be absorbed almost instantly without digestion required . This means you can literally save the life of a hypoglycemic patient!

Now why do I say that the tail can cause diabetes when you can actually save the life of a patient? Well, it’s not that complicated. Actually , there is a second type of diabetes, type II diabetes , which is the form of the acquired disease . Instead of an autoimmune disease , is the insensitivity to insulin .

You see, when we eat sugar, our produce insulin for the body to absorb . If we eat too much sugar quickly after another get insulin – often very typical peaks. Instead of having small peaks 3 times a day ( when we eat carbohydrates ), eating simple sugars cause insulin spikes very high frequency with eating sandwiches …

The thing is too high exposure of our cells to insulin may cause desensitivation . Our cells not want the amount of sugar, so that there are fewer binding insulin receptor . In the long term, we can reach a point where we simply can not absorb any more sugar … and that’s when the type II diabetes appears .

It’s tail has something to do with it ?

Yes , of course. Since eating sugar cause diabetes slowly , tail – a food that contains most rapid and sugars – can contribute to this process .

Moreover, by simply contains a lot of sugar queue contains much other shit you better keep your distance. If you have no idea what I ‘m talking about, I suggest you do a little research on each ” E” marked on the box. You see , there are plenty of unhealthy things .

Many people drink more cola drink water or any other beverage . Some people do not even drink anything at all ! For example , my parents used to drink at least 1 liter of cola every day … This has had a huge impact on your body, I’m sure! Fortunately , stopped drinking soda and drink more water as a substitute , which makes me very happy.

I hope it has been a bit interesting and will motivate you consider drinking cola or if you are a type I diabetes, or to distance him if you want to become a patient of type II !

Diabetes – What is the dawn phenomenon?

If you are diabetic, like me, you may be familiar with the dawn phenomenon. Until I realized what I meant, I would be completely frustrated every morning when I got out of bed and I tested my blood sugar in the blood. Always going to be much greater than it was when I went to bed. I could not understand why. How do I go to bed with a level of 105mg/dL and get up in the morning with a level of 135mg/dL? No sense. I was not sleepwalking and raid the refrigerator overnight. Well, welcome to what is called the dawn phenomenon.
No matter if you have diabetes or not, all people experience the dawn phenomenon. What happens is that while we are comfortably asleep, during the hours of 3:00 to 8:00, our bodies release certain hormones that help repair and maintain our bodies. This is totally normal. In response to these hormones that releases glucose, our body also releases stored.
The hormones released including growth hormone by the pituitary gland, cortisol, glucagon and epinephrine or adrenaline as it is commonly known. These hormones cause an increase in insulin resistance, which in turn causes your glucose levels rise.
Because these hormones are the repair and maintenance work carried out during the night / morning, causing your blood glucose increase during the morning. Therefore, it tests your blood sugar first and notice a much higher reading. That’s why we call this phenomenon of Alba.
What can be done to prevent the dawn phenomenon? There are some things you can do to help maintain high levels of blood glucose in the morning. If you eat too many carbohydrates late at night, try to reduce it. Eat a snack, like peanut butter, or a piece of sausage and cheese. Another thing you can do is exercise at night. 30 to 45 minutes of brisk walking or bicycling will go a long way to keep your blood sugar throughout the night.

Statins that causes diabetes

Statins are associated with an increased risk of developing diabetes. A recent large statin trial clearly linked to a significant increase statistically significant risk of developing diabetes. In this study (1), researchers conducted a meta-analysis of 13 studies of statins and found a statistically significant overall increase of 9% risk of developing diabetes. The risk of developing diabetes associated with an individual statin were: atorvastatin (Lipitor) = 14% (Zocor) = 11% of rosuvastatin (Crestor) = 18% pravastatin (Pravachol) = 3% also to a previous study, Researchers were surprised simvastatin increases the risk of developing diabetes. This study was called JUPITER (use of statins in Primary prevention: an intervention study evaluating rosuvastatin). This trial was designed to get people to go to a statin, rosuvastatin (Crestor). These two studies clearly fuel the fire of controversy about the risk / benefit of statins.
The real problem is the following: diabetes develops due to an underlying disease in the organization called insulin resistance. Obviously, it is questionable whether statins may worsen insulin resistance in some people. Possible mechanisms include: 1. Decreased physical activity due to statin induced muscle pain 2. The possible direct effect of statins on muscle to worsen insulin resistance 3. Decreased levels of vitamin D (vitamin D is synthesized from cholesterol). Low vitamin D worsening insulin resistance. Besides causing diabetes, insulin resistance also contributes to cancer progression. Diabetes is a disease in itself, disabling chronic complications such as kidney failure, blindness and amputation of the leg, just to name a few. Ironically diabetes also increases the risk of heart disease. If a statin increases your chances of developing diabetes, was really to question the overall benefits of these drugs. Especially since these drugs often cause different side effects. muscle aches and pains are common side effects, which are very debilitating for many patients. Sometimes these medications can cause serious side effects, including kidney failure and liver failure.

Life expectancy of a diabetic

Diabetes can be classified into two types – Type 1 diabetes, also called juvenile diabetes and type 2 diabetes affects people of primary age. Gestational diabetes occurs in women during the early stages of pregnancy and lactation and can be cured with proper treatment. All types of diabetes results from excess levels of glucose in the blood and can lead to serious complications that can even be fatal if not treated.

In the case of juvenile diabetes, insulin production by the pancreas is less than the body’s needs and, consequently, the rate of glucose, and to draw not converted to energy. This leads to additional health complications. Type 1 diabetes affects young adults and are found to survive longer than type 2 diabetes. On average, this type of diabetes patients survive for about 75 years if the right direction.

Life expectancy of patients with type 2 diabetes depends on the severity of the disease and the health of people in general. Life expectancy is reduced by 30% to 50% compared with those without diabetes at his age.

If treatment is not taken quickly, complications tend to be more severe and lead to stroke, myocardial infarction, angina pectoris (chest pain) or a blockage or narrowing of the arteries. In some cases, the nervous system is damaged and is accompanied by constipation or diarrhea, vomiting or nausea, or even erectile dysfunction. Disorders of the eye blindness, kidney damage, brain, cancer, infections of the skin, mouth and feet are other serious complications of diabetes. The later these symptoms are diagnosed, the shorter the life of the patient.