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Arthritis – A deadly disease

Arthritis is a disease primarily associated with older age, but children can be affected by this disease. People in the 65 years are most affected by arthritis in North America and together constitute 70% of the total population. Women are at greater risk of being affected by arthritis than men and this disease is more common in women of all races and ethnic cultures. According to an estimate of about 46 million people in the U.S. suffer from this disease and the number increases each year. Approximately one million people are admitted to the hospital only for the problems they face due to arthritis.
All arthritis sufferers complain of extreme pain problem. The pain may vary by location and the individual. Rheumatoid arthritis is very bad in the morning and is characterized by rigidity. At first, the symptoms can not be easily recognized. In the elderly and the children’s pain can not be the important diagnostic role that older people move young children and refuse to move the limb when wounded. The main features of arthritis include the speed and time of onset, the pattern of joint movement, symmetry of symptoms, morning stiffness, inactivity lock, tenderness and other systemic factors. Physical examination and chest radiography may be useful in diagnosing the disease. Arthritis has been known since prehistoric times. extra-articular features of arthritis or joint disease are skin nodules, edema, eye inflammation, diarrhea, bursitis, lymphadenopathy, and urethritis. Blood tests indicate the presence of rheumatoid factor, antinuclear factor nuclear antigen (ANF) and removable.
In the U.S. Arthritis is the leading cause of disability among people and 20 million people depend on doctors and dentists for their survival. It found that 50% of the salary of a person suffering from arthritis is lost in the treatment of arthritis. The ability of a person to stay in business is completely lost. Some also suffer from obesity, high cholesterol and heart disease risk. Depression can also be found in these people.

Natural Treatment of spinal arthritis

Treatment of spinal arthritis natural is something that many victims of this disease is preferable to traditional treatment. For many, the idea of ??traditional medicine or surgery can be very intimidating. With all the horror stories people hear about the side effects is not surprising. The good news is that for those who want to try natural remedies and treatment options available.

The natural treatment is something that can refer to a number of options, or a combination thereof. The purpose of the use of natural treatments for arthritis of the spine is to avoid having to take medication or undergo surgery. Many people have been very successful in relieving symptoms of arthritis with a natural treatment. This means that someone who is diagnosed the problem could consider alternative options other than the only way to conventional treatment.

Some natural arthritis associated with traditional technologies, which can also be effective. However, some prefer to focus only on natural resources. If you are worried about whether you should try the natural method, you can always talk to a health professional. There are many things you can try to relieve the symptoms of arthritis naturally, and some may be more effective than others.

What natural resources?

A number of resources that people use to relieve symptoms of arthritis are classified as naturelles.Au cable, however, the patient is supported by other resources that may arise from the consumption of natural products can be physical changes. Some remedies and methods that people take a natural approach include:

* Medicinal plants: Many people take herbal supplements to try to relieve the symptoms of this condition. If it’s something you consider to be sure they are all natural, and check the ingredients before taking.

* Change of diet: The diet can have a profound effect on the symptoms of arthritis. Many people believe that changing your diet to eat things such as omega or more foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals.

* Exercise: Physical activity is important when you are looking to combat the symptoms of arthritis of the spine. There are a number of exercises that can be very effective in treating the symptoms. This includes swimming and water exercises, which can be particularly effective. This is because it puts minimal stress on joints still offers great benefits in terms of strengthening the muscles.

Alleviate their symptoms by stretching

Stretching the muscles around the bone is an important part of relieving the symptoms of this condition. Some gentle stretching is a good way to warm up the muscles in the performance of others who may be trying. There is also a good way to stretch and strengthen muscles. Stretching can help relieve tension and improve flexibility as well. This makes it an important part of cable natural treatment of arthritis.

The most important foods for men and women

Have you ever experienced pain in the joints of the body once the output of bed in the morning? You feel the pain is so severe that he can not walk freely and conduct their day’s work until the perfect day! If you are very overweight or obese? Well! Then you should take a precautionary approach to health that you may be suffering from a type of arthritis.
Arthritis is mainly referred to the joint inflammation that occurs due to an autoimmune disease, fracture, wear and tear on the joints and joint infections. A person can suffer from various forms of arthritis is more severe osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis.
Can occur in men and women of all ages. Statistics show that in America nearly 40 million people suffer from any type of arthritis, such as:
Osteoarthritis occurs with the sudden increase in stiffness and joint pain without swelling. Usually occurs with the structural changes in the cartilage of weight-bearing joints in particular, as the spine and knees.
Rheumatoid arthritis: This is the result of inflammation or swelling and painful stiffness of the joints, such as arms, legs, fingers, wrist, on both sides of the body, especially on waking in the morning.
Arthritis Infections: These are mainly symptoms such as swollen joints, fever, acute pain and pain accompanied by a joint injury or disease in other parts of the body.

Obesity and arthritis

Arthritis, in general terms, refers to the lining of the joint, called cartilage. Each joint of the knee or hip, which moves a layer of about 8 to 12 mm of cartilage, which is smooth as a billiard ball. If the cartilage is damaged or eat or wear and tear, which leads to arthritis.
Osteoarthritis is a form of arthritis that can affect any joint, including the spine. It is the form of joint disease and is more pronounced for the elderly. The wear of the joints due to aging leads to osteoarthritis. But this is not the only cause of the disease. There are other reasons contributing genetic factors, lack of nutrition and vitamins (vitamin A, C and E have the potential to protect against tissue damage. Vitamin D plays an important role in bone mineralization). Male hormone deficiency in the case of women after menopause, leading to estrogen deficiency is also considered a risk factor and women are more susceptible to osteoarthritis.
In most cases, increased body weight contributes to increase the load transmitted through the weight of the knee support by a factor of three to seven times the body weight and results in accelerated cartilage damage.
Obesity is a risk factor for the onset and worsening of musculoskeletal disorders of the hip, knee, ankle, foot and shoulder. Most research has focused on the impact of obesity on bones and joints, since the risk of fracture and osteoarthritis. However, the data indicate that obesity may also have a profound effect on soft tissue such as tendons, fascia and cartilage. Although the mechanism is unclear, the structural and functional limitations imposed by the additional burden of musculoskeletal system in obesity have been allowed to unduly increase the tension in the connective tissue structures and the risk of musculoskeletal injuries MSD. Given the overall increase in obesity and the increase in musculoskeletal disorders, it is necessary to determine the physical burden of the main structures of the musculoskeletal system in the obese and to establish how obesity may interact with other factors that could increase the risk of musculoskeletal diseases. Moreover, the relationship between obesity and osteoarthritis is stronger than the disease and is higher among women.

Boomers are looking alternative medicine

According to a recent study conducted at Ohio State University, about 70 percent of the market 50 Plus uses alternative medicines. Funded by the National Institute on Aging, Professor Gong-Hong Soog conducted a survey that included about 900 participants aged 50 years or older. 65 percent of older people say they are in poor health reported using some form of alternative medicine that considered preventive or curative – a higher percentage than any other group.

Boomers are looking for other ways to relieve symptoms such as chronic pain and arthritis, and the use of alternative therapies and preventive medicine. Chiropractic care tops the list with a whopping 43% of respondents, while the acupuncture came to the end.

Last fall, another survey of baby boomers conducted by Sorelli B, a national research firm. This study demonstrated that the inclusion of more than a third of respondents said that chiropractic care prevent the need for medication and physical therapy. Respondents also felt that chiropractic care helped them avoid back surgery and hospital stays long exhausting. Nearly 60 percent of respondents said they would be willing to ask their insurance companies to include chiropractic as a component of its health system, even if they were willing to pay for these services out of pocket.