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Food Allergies – Why do some foods work and others do not

With a food sensitivity is just that, your body will react in certain ways when faced with a particular food . And of course , all food sensitivities depend on the person and what they can and can not tolerate . Different foods have different symptoms so that when you are sensitive to certain foods , it is important to note that food and what it does for the body. In general , a food sensitivity is the result of a toxic food or the specific combination , which can be divided into two categories of response : a food intolerance or allergic response. However, the diagnosis can be difficult because sometimes it can take up to two two days after ingestion of food symptoms begin .

The biggest difference between food intolerance and food allergies is that food allergies affect , while food intolerances no immune system. Food allergies are simply a toxic reaction to foods or additives that affect the immune system. Body cells that work together to protect against harmful foreign intruders . Thus, an allergic reaction occurs when the body molecules identified as toxic or potentially hazardous ( these molecules are called antigens ) . Many times when someone is having an allergic reaction, which is in hives or have trouble breathing or a kind of swelling. Other common symptoms of food allergies include vomiting , diarrhea , rashes, or runny nose . Symptoms depend on the age of the person , the type of allergy ( antigen) , and food intake was .

Food intolerances , as noted above , does not affect the immune system. A food intolerance can occur for many reasons , one of which your body does not have the ability to break a certain molecule causes an intolerant response that the molecule moves from his intestinal tract. Lactose intolerance is probably one of the most common reasons that people are aware . This is where the body does not have the ability to digest lactose, a sugar found in milk that makes it almost impossible for people who are lactose intolerant consume milk products. Another type of intolerance is becoming more common to have a sensitivity to gluten, which is when the gluten has an adverse effect on the body .

Allergies can make you crazy – what can be the cause?

Allergies are the inflammations that result in sensitivity to allergens. They occur when the immune system reacts to a particular allergen. Many people suffer from allergies and there are many types of allergies and the difference in the severity of the reaction .. Seasonal allergies are more common and are the result of certain trees, plants, pollen or become air born in certain seasons. Other people may have allergies to certain foods or animals.
Allergy symptoms vary from person to person and are classified by degree of severity, reactions such as mild, moderate and severe. There is no cure for allergies, there are treatments in the counter and by prescription. Most people experience mild symptoms such as watery eyes, itchy skin, runny nose, cough, and possibly hives. These types of allergies can be controlled using antihistamines. Stay indoors during these periods can keep allergy at bay. A sudden allergy may also help.

Can you fix your allergies forever?

Eliminate your allergies for good can be an absolute dream for some but for others a dream come true. NAET (Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Technique) is a natural healing technique that has promising results in several chronic allergy sufferers who are experiencing this unusual first-hand treatment.
It is a therapy based on acupuncture and kinesiology to re-train the immune system to identify substances that are harmless, which reduces the allergic reaction.
How NAET really?
First NAET doctor to evaluate what you have allergies through a technique called muscle testing. If you are fixing the homeopathic doctor hands bottles each with a different allergen. The arm opposite the allergen is used as an instrument to detect an allergy or not present.
The professional is pushed back against his arm, if you are able to prevent the collapse of the weapons, then you are not allergic to that substance. If, instead of his arm is easy to grow, then it is considered allergic to the substance in the bottle is in your hands.
Treatment of allergies
Once allergies have been identified, is being treated to a tour group of allergy. It may take more than one treatment of each group to succeed in removing allergens, depending on the severity of the allergy and the strength of their immune system.
To eliminate the allergy, the practitioner stimulates a series of points along the spine, followed by the stimulation of acupuncture points on the arms, hands and feet. This treatment is carried out while holding the bottle in his hand allergen.

Vector asthma and allergies

Who does not love a friendly dog? They are cute, adorable and an excellent companion, unless you suffer from asthma and allergies related to dogs.
If you have asthma caused by allergies and are considering having a dog, there are several things you should consider before receiving the four-legged dog in your family.
To begin, you should know that there is no breed of dog that is a hundred percent hypoallergenic. This means that if you have allergies and asthma caused by the hair, no race will be completely safe for you to get. This is because all dogs to create the scales, but there are certain breeds that produce less than create more.
Before bringing a dog home, take time to visit a breeder so you can spend time with the dog you are considering bringing your family. By spending time with the dog, you can see if it causes problems before they reach the dog. It would be much better to spend a short time with the dog, then discover six months later you have to give because you can not live with the dog.
If you want to live and have a dog, best races have no hair at all or only a single layer. I met a lot of some of the best dogs for people with allergies and asthma. It is by no means a definitive list. There are some races in this list that could cause problems in particular and other races in this list that will not require any allergy problems.

Dog breeds for children with allergies – Which is better?

Kids love dogs. It is a fact. But what if yours also has allergies to dogs and can not be near them? The good news is that it is probably an easy solution for him: Choosing a career of his son is not allergic. There are dozens of popular dog breeds and beautiful there. Some of them are hyper-allergic and is not good for people with allergies, and some means of hypo-allergenic which are generally safe for people with allergies.
So the simple solution is to find a race that the system of the body of her child may be in the order without causing health problems and allergies. Although each person is unique and different and depends on the body of his son and the type of allergy that breed will be best for him, but there are some general guidelines to help you get started.
In general, dogs with less hair are much better for allergy sufferers – especially children. Just because they are paid less than skins. dog breeds also have short hair and a thick single layer in the group are hypoallergenic, so safer for your children.
Here are some breed of dog usually proven to be safe for children with allergies …
Hair less dog breeds:
Xoloitzcuintle • (Mexican hairless)
• American Hairless Terrier
• Chinese Crested (hairless)

Food allergies at a glance

The issue of food allergies is cloudy and confused. Many reactions reported as allergic to a food intolerance are very simple factors, overeating or other. Food allergies are considered to occur in 8 percent of children under 5 years and only 3 to 4 percent of adults. The frequency of allergy does not vary greatly throughout the world, while both sexes are equally affected. Food allergies can cause reactions that vary from mild digestive problems, skin rash, hives or difficulty breathing. Anaphylaxis is the most severe form of allergic reaction to the start 20 minutes after ingestion of rapid progression resulting in hives, difficulty breathing, dizziness and rapid pulse. Although estimates of fatal reactions vary widely, includes only a small number of allergic reactions to foods together. Food allergies usually occur within 2 hours or less after ingestion of food. From the swelling or tingling sensation around the throat, lips, face or hives and itching are the first signs. It can progress to dizziness, nausea, vomiting or difficulty breathing. What are the symptoms and the speed with which advances may be different from person to person.

Food intolerance is only sensitive to a food that is driven by a different mechanism causes physiological symptoms much lighter and does not lead to more severe reactions. A good example of this is lactose intolerance or sensitivity to milk and dairy products. Due to a deficiency of the enzyme often results in abdominal gas, discomfort, cramps and diarrhea. It is much more common and very different from a true food allergy.

Homeopathic remedies for allergies and food sensitivities

Food allergies or sensitivities are a group of signs and symptoms indicating adverse immunologic reactions to foods. Today, thanks to the dyes, preservatives, pesticides and new food allergies food storage techniques and sensibilities have become a very common phenomenon. The manifestation of allergies or food sensitivities are very specific and individualized according to age, sex, amount of exposure to a specific allergen.

If a person is allergic to certain foods, the manifestation of the allergic reaction begins when food enters the mouth. The mouth begins to itch once the food in the stomach, abdominal dysfunction begins and the person begins to vomit know, stomach pain, cramps and diarrhea. Gastroenteritis is serious and is vomiting and diarrhea cause a drop in blood pressure. Cutaneous manifestations are dermatitis or hives, itchy, red welts with heat and occasional irritation and swelling. Respiratory symptoms can range from mild respiratory distress in severe wheezing. The event is different from person to person.

Homeopathic remedies for allergies and food sensitivities

Homeopathy has an excellent remedy to treat allergies and food sensitivities. Since treatment of these problems require a very personal approach, homeopathy treats allergies to food by using simple remedies.

However, the sensitivity requires food processing that is specific to a particular problem, a specific allergen and specific events.

Some remedies for allergies and food sensitivities are:

Arsenicum album: This is the remedy to think of the first, in any case of food-related gastric upsets.This resource is indicated when the patient lies down, severe dehydration with frequent passage of feces “white” rice watery where there is a thirst for small quantities of cold water and there is a physical and mental agitation of anxiety.

Aloes Socrotina pain around the navel. Feeling of fullness and distention of the abdomen and a feeling that there is a constant need to move your bowels. Burning in the power loss of rectal sphincter over the lumps, mucus tinged stool undigested.

Calc: Indications that require the use of this drug are fatigue, anxiety, sometimes with claustrophobia or fear of heights, lack of strength, coldness, etc. Other common symptoms are the development of digestive problems and heartburn after eating dairy products or wheat, dizziness, swollen lymph nodes and tonsils, back pain, lack of effort and desire strong acidic liquids.

Carbo: is an effective remedy for people who show signs of weakness, dizziness, chills, and indigestion caused by reactions to food allergens. These patients may also experience difficulty breathing, strong desire for fresh air, frequent belching, bloating and flatulence.

Gelsemium: Patients who develop symptoms of coldness, weakness, tremors, muscle pain, subsidence in the eye due to allergic reactions require this resource. They may also suffer in the back of the head and neck muscles and feel sick and weak.

Solve your health problems and allergies to cats, and save money, too!

All pet owners know that health care for your cat may be the most expensive part of owning a pet. vet bills are not cheap, and animals have a knack for doing things when you are sick can not afford. Fortunately, while the emergencies and accidents continue to occur, by investing in the health of your cat “with a strong wellness program and proper diet and effective nutritional supplements, you can avoid one of the most destructive and harmful medical allergy in cats.
Allergies and cats, a destructive cycle
A large cat owners are familiar with the painful and disruptive effects of feline allergies. Chronic skin irritation or itching, sneezing, chronic cough and wheezing, watery eyes and nose, vomiting and chronic diarrhea and even self-mutilation are some of the symptoms of allergies in cats.
Like humans, an allergic reaction in cats occurs when the immune system begins to overreact to a substance or material apparently normal. Often, a cat may be allergic to a substance suddenly after being exposed without any problems for months or even years before.
Fleas and skin allergies
Flea allergies are one of the most common types of allergies in cats. In “normal” cats, fleas and flea bites can cause irritation and itching of minor importance, which often resolve quickly once the chips are removed. Cats with allergies to flea bites have a much stronger reaction with severe itching that causes hair loss and open sores, even a flea bite.
Typical signs of flea allergy in cats is the presence of fleas, the itching and sores and scabs on the skin. These wounds caused by itching and chewing, can lead to infection of the skin.