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Category Archives: Nutrition

More Reasons You Need to Eat Breakfast In The Morning

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And it really is! Eating breakfast kick starts your metabolism, provides your body with essential nutrients, helps maintain a healthy weight and protects you from disease. Even with the facts about how important breakfast is, 30% of Americans still skip breakfast. Why? Because many people feel they don’t have the time for breakfast or they don’t like breakfast foods, or they think that by skipping breakfast they can avoid adding extra calories to their diet and lose weight. However, none of these reasons are good enough or factual enough to actually skip breakfast altogether. Making time for breakfast has enormous health benefits and can actually help to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight. Here are some powerful reasons to start or continue eating breakfast in the morning.
People who are trying to lose weight skip breakfast thinking that the calories they don’t eat will reduce their overall intake. This plan actually backfires, because when you starve the body of food and nutrients it actually holds onto fat, burning calories much slower to conserve energy. When you skip breakfast the body stays sluggish because it’s gone all night without food and you are waiting even longer to provide it with the nutrients to function optimally. After fasting all night when we are asleep food actually jumpstarts the metabolism, basically kicking it into high gear so the body burns calories more effectively throughout the day. Easting breakfast not only stimulates calorie burning but also will wake you up because you now have energy to use.

Food Allergies – Why do some foods work and others do not

With a food sensitivity is just that, your body will react in certain ways when faced with a particular food . And of course , all food sensitivities depend on the person and what they can and can not tolerate . Different foods have different symptoms so that when you are sensitive to certain foods , it is important to note that food and what it does for the body. In general , a food sensitivity is the result of a toxic food or the specific combination , which can be divided into two categories of response : a food intolerance or allergic response. However, the diagnosis can be difficult because sometimes it can take up to two two days after ingestion of food symptoms begin .

The biggest difference between food intolerance and food allergies is that food allergies affect , while food intolerances no immune system. Food allergies are simply a toxic reaction to foods or additives that affect the immune system. Body cells that work together to protect against harmful foreign intruders . Thus, an allergic reaction occurs when the body molecules identified as toxic or potentially hazardous ( these molecules are called antigens ) . Many times when someone is having an allergic reaction, which is in hives or have trouble breathing or a kind of swelling. Other common symptoms of food allergies include vomiting , diarrhea , rashes, or runny nose . Symptoms depend on the age of the person , the type of allergy ( antigen) , and food intake was .

Food intolerances , as noted above , does not affect the immune system. A food intolerance can occur for many reasons , one of which your body does not have the ability to break a certain molecule causes an intolerant response that the molecule moves from his intestinal tract. Lactose intolerance is probably one of the most common reasons that people are aware . This is where the body does not have the ability to digest lactose, a sugar found in milk that makes it almost impossible for people who are lactose intolerant consume milk products. Another type of intolerance is becoming more common to have a sensitivity to gluten, which is when the gluten has an adverse effect on the body .

Who needs vitamins when you have this powerful super food that does more than boost your energy ?

You’ve heard many times, eat lots of fruits and vegetables in the diet and exercise, and take a daily multivitamin .

While diet and exercise play a critical role in overall health , vitamins can not be all they seem. Many health professionals say that vitamins have no proof that they are able to regulate weight , increase energy, improve immunity , reduce stress and promote antioxidant vitamins like many manufacturers claim . Nobody knows for sure if the vitamins are very beneficial for health, however, there have been many studies that have shown that certain vitamins are not actually do what they are supposed to do.

Chlorella may be just what you need to improve your overall health !

If vitamins are not all who are prepared to be , then what should you do? Well, the key is diet, exercise and eating all the right foods . However, there are some superfoods that are packed with almost everything your body needs to survive . It is a superfood Chlorella . But what exactly is Chlorella ?

Discover the many health benefits of this super green food !

In other words, Chlorella is a type of algae that grows in fresh water . Chlorella contains a green pigment called chlorophyll and usually found in green plants and algae. Chlorophyll has many benefits who are super Chlorella and more. It offers a range of all the vitamins , minerals , beta -carotene and essential amino acids you need. It is rich in vitamin C , vitamin E and B vitamins all . If that’s not enough , Chlorella has a wide range of properties that contribute to the overall health and welfare of healing. Some health problems can help relieve Chlorella are:

· Reduce / eliminate bad breath

· Regulates blood pressure

Promotes growth repair / tissue

· Cleaning of Liver / blood

· Stabilizes blood sugar

Reduces the risk of cancer

Increases immunity

Reduces problems associated with diabetes

Hypertension · Relieved

· Removes heavy metals from the body

· And much more !

Essential oils can also provide everything you need for optimal wellness !

If you want to add more benefits to your health routine , there are also essential oils. DoTERRA essential oils have a brand oils that promote longevity and wellness. These oils support healthy brain function, boost immunity, increases your metabolism , provides mental clarity and more! The best part is they are all natural and contains no synthetic products , animal products, wheat or dairy products. Choosing the right combination for you and essential oils you will see difference.

So you can see that the Chlorella and essential oils are better than vitamins , it is always advisable to consult your primary care physician and discuss your health needs . Your doctor will be able to tell what diet works best for you ! However, you can still follow a healthy diet that includes eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, and focuses on getting at least one hour of exercise a day !

The dilemma diabetes Coke Soda

What is diabetes?

There are two types of diabetes .

The first type , type I diabetes, is a form of autoimmunity that is present starting at an early age . Some people are born with it . This type of diabetes include a defect in the ability to create a protein called ” insulin ” . This protein is absolutely essential in the absorption of glucose ( sugar) and if you do not have insulin, you can not just absorb everything. You can eat as much candy as you want, only the sugar remains in the blood flowing in your cells … And yes , glucose is essential. It is our major source of energy and if you can not absorb it , you can not survive .

This disease is a radical lifestyle change for patients. Since they can not produce insulin, must be injected every time they want to eat ( and absorb sugars).

I will not go much further into this, but sometimes these short simple sugar patients , which means your body can collapse suddenly. This is called hypoglycemia and can have many implications . Some patients may even fall in hypoglycemic coma if they have not been able to absorb sugars for a certain period of time ? In a hypoglycemic such “crisis ” is absolutely vital for them to get sugars as fast as possible!

Cola is a solution for this. Cola contains sugars that can actually be absorbed almost instantly without digestion required . This means you can literally save the life of a hypoglycemic patient!

Now why do I say that the tail can cause diabetes when you can actually save the life of a patient? Well, it’s not that complicated. Actually , there is a second type of diabetes, type II diabetes , which is the form of the acquired disease . Instead of an autoimmune disease , is the insensitivity to insulin .

You see, when we eat sugar, our produce insulin for the body to absorb . If we eat too much sugar quickly after another get insulin – often very typical peaks. Instead of having small peaks 3 times a day ( when we eat carbohydrates ), eating simple sugars cause insulin spikes very high frequency with eating sandwiches …

The thing is too high exposure of our cells to insulin may cause desensitivation . Our cells not want the amount of sugar, so that there are fewer binding insulin receptor . In the long term, we can reach a point where we simply can not absorb any more sugar … and that’s when the type II diabetes appears .

It’s tail has something to do with it ?

Yes , of course. Since eating sugar cause diabetes slowly , tail – a food that contains most rapid and sugars – can contribute to this process .

Moreover, by simply contains a lot of sugar queue contains much other shit you better keep your distance. If you have no idea what I ‘m talking about, I suggest you do a little research on each ” E” marked on the box. You see , there are plenty of unhealthy things .

Many people drink more cola drink water or any other beverage . Some people do not even drink anything at all ! For example , my parents used to drink at least 1 liter of cola every day … This has had a huge impact on your body, I’m sure! Fortunately , stopped drinking soda and drink more water as a substitute , which makes me very happy.

I hope it has been a bit interesting and will motivate you consider drinking cola or if you are a type I diabetes, or to distance him if you want to become a patient of type II !

The liposomal delivery system of nutrients

As technology advances creative to find ways to improve to absorb nutrients in the human body people. The new technology that is accessible to all and can be consumed in the home is the liposomal technology. This technology is necessary because , as a society, we do not eat properly in the first place and when you do not eat properly , offsetting most of us and can cause illness.

Almost every disease is caused due to the way we eat . It even has the diseases caused by viruses and bacteria. Our bodies were designed to be able to cope with most viruses and bacteria our immune system. However, when our immune system is compromised , can cause everything from colds and flu to cancer. For example , nutrients in foods have the ability to kill bacteria and reduce inflammation . Certain foods and herbs are also fungal and anti viral against allowing the immune system to treat these little troublemakers system as well. Nail one of my favorites, has all these powers and more. Cloves are also the highest rated antioxidants available . So just seasoning has a multitude of healing properties. This is also true of vitamin C , which brings us back to the liposomal delivery.

Vitamin C has always given to patients by doctors and other health professionals who use the methods directly or IV injection. Both require a needle ( ouch ) and a costly medical stay. Now, with the method of liposomal delivery may ignore the plans and take the nutrients and vitamins by mouth at home. The main problem with vitamin C and many others is that when stuck in a kind of supplement form, it does not absorb well . Vitamic C was meant to be taken in foods that is highly absorbable . Is not nature grand? So now with liposomes, you can get a 360 % or better absorption of nutrients using the method of liposomal and in most of the least expensive per gram comes as a regular tablet or capsule cases.

Sugar addiction , compulsive eating , and why they should not eat what you crave

Looong time (1998 ) ago I wrote a doctoral thesis that began with several observations about women suffering from bulimia. One was the relationship of sugar. When I examined the DSM -IV criteria for substance dependence according to DSM -IV criteria for binge eating disorder bulimia, it became clear that sugar addiction was most likely driving the binge . ” No kidding, you say, but it was radical thinking in 1998.

My research has divided the participants, all selected for binge eating disorder in three groups. The low -sugar group was given guidelines on low blood sugar to go nutrition. They record their food intake , including episodes and / or excessive desires , and came to the weekly support meetings .

The group with low fat low fat registered followed their food cravings and binge eating patterns , and attended weekly meetings. The control group had no guidelines on nutrition meetings or support and simply connects your food cravings and binges .

All groups of periodic reports for weighing and measuring .

Benefits of Goji : anti- aging, immune support and durability

The technical term for the Goji berry is Lycium barbarum . They belong to the family Solonaceae . Given that this is not just a cousin belladonna plant and is never toxic at all. In fact, it is one of the densest fruits nutritionally complete in nature. There are many health benefits of Goji . It’s closest relatives are sweet potatoes , tomatoes , eggplants and peppers. The difference is – this little berry has a high nutritional integrity . It is native to Mongolia and the mountains of the Himalayas , but now cultivated in many countries and therefore easier to find for this is great news for humanity and health!

story :

Health Benefits goji berry have recently been introduced in the Western world . But the Goji berry has been used in medicine and cuisine in Tibet and China for centuries.

Why health benefits of Goji are essential :

The most important thing that makes unique Goji berry with other fruit , is that it is the amino acid content . The same amino acids that you get to eat things that are not as good for you as a steak you can get from the Goji berry . You can literally cut the meat from your diet and hormones and jump all the things your body does not need Gojis eat as a replacement. This means that the Goji berry is a superfood because it is a “complete” food.

Other health benefits of Goji berries :

It would also have full armor against colds and flu. Goji The benefits of vitamin C punch as others. They are also rich in carotenoids that explain a bit here , as they are essential for the health benefits of Goji .

What are carotenoids ?

It will offer food labels make people more healthy changes?

The answer is simple: no. While the First Lady and the FDA may have good intentions , revisions must be systemic markers of front food stop confusing the public. Changes in nutrition labeling (described below) are a start, but the proposed changes have some major flaws . And what about all statements misleading health claims about this product “can help reduce the risk of _____ ” and “made with whole grain grams __ “?

Have you read food labels ? If so , you may be looking for a new format sometime in the coming years. For the first time in 20 years, the FDA is proposing changes to the nutrition label . What exactly is changing and, more importantly , it will make an ounce of difference in food people purchase decisions ?

What is proposed ?

In finding out the current label and the label given by hand, are very similar. The most obvious difference is the number of calories per serving. Look closer and there are many changes in the details . Here is what we propose:

• Calories per serving and serve large print increasingly evident

• “added sugars ” in carbohydrates – a ‘ sugar’ natural sugars found in fruits and dairy products and sugar syrup added things like high fructose corn syrup, raw sugar include, evaporated cane juice , etc.

• Adding the amount of vitamin D and potassium trace elements many Americans lack the bottom of the label , such as calcium , iron, vitamin A and vitamin C include currently

How fruit flies wrong Dr Oz Organic Products

Dr. Mehmet Oz has caused a stir with its cover of Time magazine in December 2012 compared with conventional organic products.

In “Giving (frozen) peas a chance – and carrots too,” surprised many fans of organic foods , including me , saying organic food is no healthier than conventional frozen vegetables in supermarkets.

Oz said, ” nutritionally speaking, there is little difference between the premium farmer – market freezer case humble brick. “

Nutritionally , it was correct. But in terms of overall health , I was wrong . Why? Because education is not looked good.

Research on Organic Food

Dr. Oz has based its position on a study of Stanford University , who analyzed more than 200 research comparing the nutritional value of organic foods over conventionally grown , Stanford was concluded that organic foods are not healthy.

The problem with the Stanford study is defined as healthy ” has more nutrients . “

Yes , conventional and organic products classified in the same nutrients . But there is more to health than nutrients !

A study by Southern Methodist University found that fruit flies who ate organic foods are better in almost every measure of health researchers followed :
• live longer,
• lay more eggs ,
• improved resistance to stress and
• more energy.

The other problem with the Stanford research is that studies of obsolete pesticides are looked at.

I love being an omnivore – Enjoying a nice piece of meat with my fruits and vegetables is healthy

Did you know that you are required to know the cockroach ? That is true. How in the world we are as human beings in relation to a cockroach ? The two are ” omnivores ” . So next time you smash one of these lovely creatures , if it bothers you ? H — no! What they have in common with us is the fact that they eat plants and other living things more than that, we are light years away .

True, as omnivores we need, must have both meat and plants to maintain a healthy body. Carnivores and herbivores must live only meat plants. Omnivores are better survivors, because they can only live plants or just meat for long periods of time, but sooner or later , must have both in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle . Numerous proteins , which carry the essential amino acids in meat are most of the work in cells and are required for the structure , function and regulation of organs and tissues . Some proteins are found in plants, but do not have the essential amino acids needed for cell growth and other functions. Plants ( vegetables and fruits ) have many enzymes , vitamins , minerals and important ” FIBER . ” We have to keep all these many functions that occur in our body with protecting the body against disease, infection and just plain old aging.